North campus, is a name for the set of colleges situated in North Delhi and particularly near Vishwavidhyalaya metro station. All the 9 colleges clubbed together form an L-shaped campus, which gives North campus students a privileged  that we are not confined to our college only, but get to see others as well on just a 5 min walk. So here are some of the brownie points that North campus gets over any other campus in Delhi.

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1.Global village:

It feels like a mini India here in the North campus as students from every state and different cities of India come here for their graduation caps, and there is also a psychology in students that no one will come from such a far away place for anything less than North campus. Hence diversity is one such thing you get to witness here.


2) Pocket- friendly food:

For hunger satiation, it has Kamla Nagar and Hudson to risque. You can get exclusive cafe and eat like a royal jerk when its the month beginning or pocket full of coins, and enjoy the budget friendly stalls like Mo-mos point, Tom uncles Maggy , metro vans, and other food joints at every step in the campus when your pocket sounds few coins left. So it suits our all kind of financial positions throughout the month and the best place for Eco-foodies!

3) Safe n sound!

The campus area is dominated by student population, so it doesn’t feel unsafe even if you are sitting under a tree by the side of the road. Due to the colleges all around, law faculty, DU student Union office and most of all VC residence, security arrangements are very satisfactory in the campus. And it feels really very safe to loiter around or going to any place in the campus without considering the “gentry” factor.

4) DU elections:

September is the month in which the roads of North campus are covered with campaign pamphlets and you do not have any option but to walk over it. On the very exit of the VV metro, the campaigners are waiting for you. Obviously public is the king in elections and the representative are the paupers. You get to enjoy a free ride of shuttle or an e-rickshaw to your college, also some campaigners also distribute stationary to attract voters as most of the students are unbiased towards any party and slide towards the best offering party ( offering means tangible benefits and not the intangible illusionary promises). So a treat for attention seekers!

5) Patel chest:

Nothing can equate Patel chest for the students of North campus, from “n” number of Xerox shops to any sort of project you need, this place is the life-line of all. Not only North campus students but off-campus students also come to Patel chest for its cheap Xerox, rare informative magazines and life saving projects. No one can imagine life at North campus without Patel chest.

6) Cluster benefit:

Since the colleges are at a very little distance to each other,  students can enjoy the marvellous fests at the campus, without missing out all their lectures. It’s a mere 5 minute walk at the max to reach one college to other. So if you have a very important lecture and there is a Sonu Nigam concert at the very next college, you can attend the concert without even losing your attendance. That’s the perk that I consider the best, in being a North campus student.

7) Exposure:

Again due to the cluster benefit, there is a complete different exposure for the students to embellish their own personality by interacting with not only their college people but the other colleges as well. It helps to measure the water level of our potential with the best and the worst present in the campus. It develops a competitive spirit and a professional attitude in the students which ultimately makes  them stand apart from crowd.

8) Planet 9:

Stepping in the campus, entails an impression of a completely different planet. We get to see what we haven’t up-till now. From girls sitting by the side of e-rickshaw wale Bhaiya , to students coming in Pyjama and Chappals  to college, it’s a weirdo for a first timer! Also no one will stare you like hell, even if you are carrying your extreme catchy outfit or a short dress, campus gentry is habitual of weird happenings and people. So not much of an ado about your awesomeness!

9) Sex ratio outperform the national average:

Vishvidyalaya metro station is the only station in Delhi which always has longer queues for women than men! Due to two girls colleges and since most of the girls consider Delhi metro safer than any other mode of transport, VV metro is abounding with the female population outnumbering male.


10) People change with time:

This is the all time favorite dialogue of our off-campus school buddies, and in the first year our ears burn with the mockery that “Tu to badal gaya yaar North campus ja kar” . well that’s an agreed fact that college builds a change but that doesn’t mean that a place can fade away the old long friendship if it was actually very pleasant.But whatever anybody says, the three years spent in North campus are the best moment of one’s life when he/she looks back life at a glance!

By – Surbhi Agarwal

Daulat Ram College




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