Inter-University Northwest Youth Festival

Delhi University shone at the 37th Inter-University Northwest Youth Festival in 2024. It secured six prestigious prizes across various categories. The event was hosted at Maharishi Dayanand University in Rohtak, Haryana. The Association of Indian Universities patronized the event. It witnesses commendable achievements by participants from Delhi University.

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Notable Wins and Achievements

Professor Ravinder Kumar is the Dean of the Culture Council. He revealed Delhi University’s achievements at the festival. Rochelle John emerged victorious in the Western Vocal Solo category. Zargham Akram Khan claimed the second position in Classical Instruments Solo Percussion. Jaiditya Jha secured third place in the Western Instrumental Solo category. These accomplishments highlight the university’s diverse talent pool. The Western Vocal, Classical Instruments Percussion, and Western Instrumental Solo were the categories. These reflect the students’ versatility. Professor Ravinder Kumar’s announcement showcased the excellence achieved by Delhi University participants. They contribute to the university’s success at the festival. The recognition in various categories underscores the goals. The institution’s commitment to fostering a well-rounded cultural environment is shown through these wins.

A Celebration of Artistic Excellence

Delhi University has earned individuals many things. Like with the third spot in the Classical Dance category. Also, Khushboo Kumari Singh achieved the fourth position in Rangoli. Pushpam Kumar claimed the fifth spot in On-Spot Painting. These diverse victories show the university’s dedication. It shows nurturing creativity and promoting artistic expression. The institution’s success extends beyond individual achievements. It encompasses various categories of artistic endeavors. The third-place finish in Classical Dance. Along with Rangoli and On-Spot Painting rankings. It showcases the university’s commitment to fostering a well-rounded and artistic student community. These accomplishments reflect the institution’s several steps. It includes support for students exploring different facets of their talents. And it contributes to the vibrant cultural atmosphere. The achievements highlight Delhi University’s dedication to promoting diverse forms of expression. It reflects recognizing the artistic endeavors of its students.


Recognition and Congratulations

Vice Chancellor Professor Yogesh Singh congratulated the winners. Delhi University’s Cultural Council also received wishes for their outstanding achievement. They underscored the importance of such events. It emphasized their role in acknowledging and appreciating the talents of the youth. Heartfelt congratulations from the VC reflected the pride in the accomplishments. Professor Rajbir Singh, NDU’s Vice Chancellor, emphasized collaboration. Figures from various institutions showcased collective efforts in nurturing and recognizing youth talent.

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Importance of Youth Festivals:

Youth festivals like the Inter-University Northwest Youth Festival play a pivotal role. They help in extracting remarkable talents from students. They provide a golden opportunity for participants to explore diverse dimensions. Students can go beyond their abilities beyond the rigorous academic environment. Such festivals are crucial as they nurture extracurricular activities. They shape students for their future aspirations and careers. The recognition and appreciation received serve as motivating factors for students. It helps them to excel in both academic and non-academic pursuits.


In conclusion, DU’s success at the Festival exemplifies several things. The institution’s commitment to nurturing a well-rounded student body. These achievements highlight the diverse talents. The 37th Inter-University Northwest Youth Festival has been a major success. It emphasizes the vital role of youth festivals in providing students with opportunities. Students can exploit them for their personal and artistic growth.



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