ants in samosas DU

Someone found ants in samosas they bought from a DU canteen. This sparked humorous allegations of serving non-vegetarian food to vegetarian customers.

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Ants in Samosas at DU

A video of dead ants inside samosas bought from a DU canteen has surfaced. It prompted a wave of amusing reactions on Instagram.

A viral video depicting deceased ants inside samosas has circulated on social media. According to an Instagram post, someone bought the snack from the Dyal Singh canteen at DU. This post has sparked humorous responses from people.

Social Media Reaction

A dedicated Instagram page for Delhi University students shared the post. It stated that ants had been discovered in the snacks at Dyal Singh College. “My friend and I bought these from the college canteen and discovered ants in the food. Share this so everyone is aware and avoids buying food items from the canteen.”

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Video Description

The video begins with dead ants adhered to the filling of a samosa. As the camera shifts to another person’s plate, it reveals a similar sight. Additionally, a text overlay in the video states, “Ants have been discovered in the snacks at Dyal Singh College’s Delhi University Canteen.”

Since its sharing a week ago, the video has rapidly gained traction, becoming viral. Currently, it has amassed nearly 2.5 million views, with the count continuing to rise. Additionally, the post has generated numerous comments from viewers. Many opted for humorous responses when reacting to the video.

Humorous Responses

One Instagram user jokingly remarked, “Quit making excuses, just eat it (extra protein).” Another user contributed humorously with, “It’s not a cheat meal, it’s a ‘chiti’ meal.” A third user chimed in, stating, “I don’t see any issue, just some extra protein.” Expressing concern, a fourth user commented, “They’re serving non-vegetarian food to vegetarian people.” Adding a humorous twist, a fifth user remarked, “This must be a special masala.” Similarly, a sixth user humorously noted, “It looks like they’ve introduced a new flavor.”

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As for the video showing ants inside samosas, what’s your take? Have you ever encountered unexpected ingredients in your food?



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