Delhi University Caste Debate: Controversy Over Caste-Related Event Sparks Concerns of Discrimination

An event at Delhi University has caused a big problem causing a Delhi University caste debate. It’s called ‘Brahmins and the Tapestry of Hindu Civilization.’ It will happen on May 10th at 1:00 PM. But some people are upset because it seems like only certain people are invited.

A Student Leader is Worried

A student leader named Ashutosh Boudh is worried. He thinks the event isn’t fair. He says there’s no official group for Brahmin students. Whereas he wants everyone to feel included and believes the event should represent all students, not just a few.

People Want Everyone to Join

Ashutosh and others want to stop the event. They want the university to treat everyone the same. They will ask the university to listen to them and consider the feelings of all students, regardless of their background.

Teachers Also Don’t Like It

Some teachers are also unhappy. They think the event is a bad idea. They say it makes some people feel left out and goes against the values of equality and inclusivity that the university stands for.


Everyone Should Feel Welcome

Some things have happened at the university that aren’t nice. People want things to change. They want everyone to feel welcome at Delhi University. It’s important for everyone to be treated with respect and kindness, no matter who they are.

More Problems at Delhi University

Recently, there have been other problems at Delhi University. During Ambedkar Jayanti, some flags were attacked. Also, some students were called bad names because of their caste. These incidents have made many students feel unsafe and unwelcome in their own campus.

We Need to Change

These things aren’t good. We need to change how things are at Delhi University. Everyone should be treated the same, no matter their caste, religion, or background. Everyone should feel welcome and respected in our university community.

Call for Unity

It’s time for everyone to come together and stand up for what’s right. We can’t let discrimination divide us. We need to support each other and create a campus where everyone feels valued and included, irrespective of their differences.


Action Plan

To address the issue of Delhi University caste debate, students and faculty can work together to create more inclusive policies and events. This may include forming committees to ensure representation from all groups and organizing workshops on diversity and inclusion to promote understanding and acceptance.

Education and Awareness

It’s essential to educate ourselves and others about the harmful effects of discrimination. By raising awareness and promoting empathy, we can build a more compassionate and understanding community at Delhi University, where everyone feels respected and valued.


In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the ‘Brahmins and the Tapestry of Hindu Civilization’ event highlights deeper issues of exclusion and discrimination at Delhi University. It’s up to all of us to take a stand against injustice and strive for a campus where everyone feels welcome and valued, regardless of their background or beliefs.



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