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So, the DU Executive Council meet happened for the 1269th time, and I’ll tell you what they talked about in simple words.

The Money Talk

First, they decided how much money the university will have for the next year. It’s a big amount – Rs 1717.45 crore! This money is for making sure everything in the university runs smoothly, like paying teachers’ salaries, buying new books, and making the campus better for all students.

Help for Special Friends

They also said that if someone has a little difficulty (they call it Benchmark Disabilities), and they want to study more (like Ph.D.), they only have to pay 25% of the fees. It’s like a discount to help them, so they can learn and become experts in what they love.

Worries about Some Colleges

One person there, Mr. Ashok Agarwal, said he is worried about 12 colleges. He wants the university to fix problems there quickly. He said, “People working there suffered a lot, and it’s time to stop that.” Imagine if your school had some problems, and someone said they’ll fix them to make it better for everyone!

Money Breakdown

The big money they talked about will be used for many things. Some for paying teachers and staff, and some for new things like books, computers, and cameras. They want to make sure students have the best tools for learning, and teachers have what they need to teach you well.


Fair Work Rules

They also spoke about people who help in the university but are not direct staff. They made sure they get paid fairly, following the rules set by important work people. This is like making sure everyone who helps the school is treated well and gets what they deserve.

Help for Students

Because of COVID-19, they made things easier for students. If a student has some exams left, they can get extra marks to help them finish their studies. It’s like a little extra help because times have been tough, and they want you to succeed no matter what.

More Good News

There were other things too – like teachers getting time off to study more, and new jobs for teaching and helping in the technology department. Also, some courses will continue for more years. It means more teachers to help you learn and new things to study.

Looking Ahead to a Better University

The meeting also talked about how teachers can go to other countries to study more. They also decided to add more teachers and helpers for the technology department. This means more people to teach and help everyone. Imagine having even more exciting classes and more people to guide you in your favorite subjects!

Extended Learning Opportunities

For some special courses, like Medicine and Psychology, they decided to continue them for more years. This is great for students who want to learn more in these subjects. It means you can explore these topics for a longer time and become experts if you love them!

Staying Safe and Healthy

In the meeting, they also talked about keeping everyone safe from the virus. They are working hard to make sure students and teachers have what they need to stay healthy. This is like having superheroes making sure you are safe while you study and have fun at the university.


So, this big DU Executive Council meet was about making sure everything is fair, helping students and staff, planning for the future, and keeping everyone safe. Delhi University is making good changes, and it looks like there’s more good stuff to come!



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