DU measures JNU

VC Yogesh Singh stated that DU doesn’t need as strict measures as JNU to control protests.

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DU and JNU Measures to Protests

Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh remarked that DU doesn’t need strict measures like those at JNU to manage campus protests. He emphasized the differing nature of both institutions. In a PTI interview, the DU VC stated that there is currently no need for regulations at the university.

JNU’s Revised CPO Manual

JNU recently implemented a revised Chief Proctor Office (CPO) manual. This manual imposes fines of up to Rs 20,000 for protesting in restricted areas. Additionally, it imposes fines of Rs 10,000 for chanting “anti-national” slogans.

DU’s Distinct Identity

“We have a distinct identity from JNU. While it is a prestigious campus with a smaller size, we cater to a vast student population. With 6.5 lakh students, our impact and outreach differ significantly from JNU’s.

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At present, implementing regulations isn’t necessary for us. Even still, we have established guidelines for protests. Students must obtain permission, and there’s a designated area for demonstrations. Demonstrations are managed effectively by DU in collaboration with Delhi Police. We haven’t faced any issues,” Singh stated. He responded to whether the university will consider adopting regulations similar to JNU’s to oversee campus protests.

Reaction to Ritu Singh’s Protest

The vice chancellor labeled former ad hoc teacher Ritu Singh’s protest as “unfortunate.” He emphasized that daily protests disrupt the university’s operations. “This is regrettable and should have been avoided. However, we must acknowledge that daily protests disrupt the university’s functioning. It’s something everyone should consider. I refrain from further comment,” remarked the DU VC. Singh is one of many ad hoc teachers at DU facing displacement amidst the university’s efforts for permanent recruitment.

Since 2020, she has intermittently protested her displacement from DU’s Daulat Ram College. She alleges caste-based discrimination by the college administration in her non-selection. In March this year, Singh established a ‘pakoda’ stall outside DU’s Art Faculty. This action aimed to highlight discrimination against Dalit academics. It expressed concerns about educated youth facing unemployment.

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Regarding these matters, the vice chancellor remarked that discontinuing the appointment of ad hoc teachers in DU was a “difficult” decision. He emphasized that it was necessary in the interest of long-serving, non-permanent faculty.



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