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DU Updates is an extensive web platform associating and endorsing India’s expanding entrepreneurship and educational ecosystem. The website unites content on India’s existing corporations, occasions, employment, classes, blogs, videotapes, workspaces, quickening agents, admissions, and associations. For concerns pertaining to the prevailing content or specialized issues on the website:

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DU Update’s strategy is to make it as susceptible as workable for knowledge seeker to discover what is transpiring in India’s tech industry and worldwide startup and technology environmental system. All substance summarized on DU Updates is sourced without payment to content accomplices and DU Updates seizes no monetary installments from our content associates for producing traffic.


DU Updates delivers information and evidence about distinct enterprises, technologies, and requisitions. This content encompasses news, detailed dissertations, discussion symposia, how-to guides, momentous reports, contextual analyses, online journals, videotapes, webinars, and information procured by knowledge seekers.

Our plan of litigation relies on income from promoters and patrons. These organizations publicize creations and administrations through pennants, retail facades, merchandise listings, and other promoting vehicles. They furthermore finance explicit portions or highlights of the websites.

Our editorial intent is to acquaint knowledge seekers regarding pertinent news and data. We likewise deliver a platform for the progression of industrial purposes. We are unbiased, modest, and reasonable in our industry inclusion. Our foremost goal is to deliver knowledge and notions that intrigue and notify readers. We utilize an assortment of resources to assemble and provide details regarding the businesses we cover. We support those who publicize on our site to furnish us with information to be utilized in news, yet any consideration of content on this site is dictated by its article esteem, exclusively as inferred by the publication crew.

Our editorial authorization is to notify our audience of the announcement, news, and resources beneficial to our chosen enterprises. We endeavor to be an evenhanded source in that we disseminate only information that we expect to be pertinent and significant. Our primary objective in broadcasting news is to be precise, credible, harmonious, and adequate to all miscellanies.

We appreciate and esteem any and all pursuer feedback and critique.

DU Updates enables miscellanies and business administrators to endorse columns, editorials, and online journals. Protocols for these segments are that they concentrate on subjects important to our readership; that they do not fill in as a plainly promotional mechanism for an organization or product; that they are not pernicious and/or potentially hostile; and that they are credible.

We are not accountable for the precision of the content or of the distinct resources furnished by external companies. Connections are reviewed for precision at the hour of publication, yet we comprehend that the Internet is an amending medium and these links may come to be void or altered.

Once a news article is publicized, we endeavor to reach people included or cited in the article following it emerges on the site. On the off chance that those people call attention to a fallacy of information, we will instantly rectify the omission. We do not, as a consequence of policy, alter direct excerpts, or roll out different transformations to precise duplicate once publicized, except if, in our conclusion, the alteration serves to enhance the article.

We will precisely name varied sorts of content. Content that is furnished by a business source will be tagged to differentiate it from initial and exclusive content elicited and composed by Duupdates correspondents and authors.

Amendments policy: We aspire to fulfill the elevated noteworthy guidelines for precision and absoluteness. It is our protocol to promptly rectify any detailed omission as soon when we become mindful of it and can ascertain it.

Impressions conveyed by bloggers are those of our esteemed patrons. We do not certainly impart or uphold those insights.

Substantial omissions ought to be accounted for to our editorial division, recognizing the news and subtleties of the mistake. We will instantly examine any assertion of inaccuracy. Information for reaching our Copyright Agent is accessible on the website Terms of Use.

Editorial Liability

The columnist of DU Updates keeps up publication sovereignty in everyday editorial judgments. The editor furthermore maintains editorial autonomy for any of the perspectives, remarks, and viewpoints of others publicized in DU Updates.

Cooperation by pertinent and inquisitive government divisions and agencies, regulatory and standards bodies, state-possessed businesses, associations, industry affiliations, colleges, advisers, anthologies, industry chiefs, and specialists, as technical articles and other editorial propositions, will be proactively facilitated.

Where compliance is debatable, DU Updates will put forth adequate actions to assure that pertinent assorted opinions are requested and moderately proposed, and that privilege of response is delivered. Publication of articles, opinions, statements, impressions, and conclusions shall not rely upon a specific perspective or standpoint of the editor.

Circumspection is conferred in the editorial manager to summarize an article for volume and additional motives, and, if reasonable, this is generally committed in co-occurrence with the author.

Furthermore, the prudence is conferred in the proofreader in determining whether or not to publicize an article, editorial compliance, or information. Such judgment shall not be founded on a specific perspective or worldview of the editorial administrator. In any case, a judgment not to publicize an editorial submission might be on the grounds that the editorial administrator deems it to be unsuitable to the intended audience group, untrustworthy, intentionally and malevolently deceitful, having an inappropriate concealed agenda, or on the grounds that the editor considers that Duupdates is being used for inappropriate motives. DU Updates will likewise not disseminate dirty pool outbreaks targeting people.

Content Partners

DU Updates doesn’t generate any income from any referrals or lead age. The editorial team works with many content accomplices to establish an extensive database for India’s startup, educational, and career environment system. These coalitions rely on the shared advantage to both parties by publicizing content on the site and creating significant perception and traffic for our content accomplices.

Content Submissions

The DU Updates routinely obtains content compliance proposals from columnists, bloggers, PR agencies, etc. wishing to submit content for the journal. While the editorial crew is constantly pleased to be acquainted with the potentially intriguing content we do not pay for content to be built, nor do we ensure any submitted content will be publicized on the website.


Modified stories are posted on the website every day. It is the editorial objective of the DU Updates to be as comprehensive and far-reaching as could reasonably be expected. Our editors work with tweaked editorial programming and through everyday commitment with content, associates to ensure featured content reveals the capacity and assortment of key newsworthy occasions occurring in the Global Tech ecological system.

Occasionally DU Updates may broadcast unique content in the form of authentic reporting and surveys however it is the approach of the site to not author original articles. This strategy is with regard to the site mission of intensifying the work being done by several authoritarian sources across the city.

A few instances of the content we highlight all the time are articles centered around are new rounds of educations, admission, raising money, product features, startup civilization, metro tech, and matters pertaining to India’s educational ecosystem.

If you want to recommend a news article you feel would be relevant you can email your suggestion to our editor at


DU Updates publishes a month to month newsletter that brings key featured items from over the tech ecosystem to our readers’ inboxes. The editorial policy of the newsletter follows the indistinguishable guidelines as delineated in this report.