DU Summer Vacation Rescheduled, Teachers Express Concern

A Palestine poetry event at Delhi University’s Arts Faculty, about the trouble in Palestine, got cancelled, making organisers sad.

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Scheduled Event Disrupted

The event, titled ‘Let us hear a Palestinian word,’ was supposed to happen on Monday in room no. 22 of the Arts Faculty building. People from different places were excited to come and learn about the problem in Palestine.

Last-Minute Cancellation

Even though everything was planned, the university suddenly said they couldn’t have the event. This made organisers and attendees upset because they were looking forward to it.

Booking Confusion

First, they planned it for March 22, but then they moved it to April 15 because of a holiday. But even then, they couldn’t have it, which was confusing.

Organisers’ Frustration

The organisers were sad because they worked hard to plan the event, but it got cancelled without a clear reason.

Estate Office’s Decision

The university’s Estate Section said they didn’t approve the booking, which confused everyone because it was confirmed before.

Communication Gap

When organisers tried to ask why the event got cancelled, they didn’t get a clear answer, which made things even more confusing.

Final Say Remains Unclear

Even though the boss of the Arts Faculty explained their role, it’s still not clear who makes the final decision in these situations.


Way Forward

To avoid this happening again, everyone needs to talk more and make sure things are clear from the beginning.


The cancellation of the Palestine poetry event at Delhi University shows why it’s important for everyone to talk properly so that things don’t get cancelled suddenly and make people sad.

Organisers Seek Answers

Despite their disappointment, organisers are determined to find out why the event was cancelled and ensure better communication in the future.

Support from the Community

Many students and faculty members expressed solidarity with the organisers and voiced their support for rescheduling the event.

Learning Opportunity

While the cancellation was disappointing, it’s also a chance for everyone to learn and improve the way events are planned and communicated.

Hope for the Future

Despite the setback, organisers remain hopeful that with clearer communication and better planning, similar events can be successfully held in the future.

Building Trust

Rebuilding trust between organisers and university officials is crucial for future collaborations and events to run smoothly.

Strengthening Procedures

Efforts to streamline booking procedures and enhance communication channels will help prevent similar disruptions in the future.

Advocating for Change

Organisers are advocating for institutional changes to ensure greater transparency and accountability in decision-making processes.

Continued Engagement

Despite the challenges, organisers are committed to fostering dialogue and raising awareness about global issues through future events.




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