DU Bomb Threat Causes Panic at Lady Shri Ram and Sri Venkateswara Colleges

Two groups at Delhi University are not getting along about events happening on May 10. It’s causing a big stir and an DU ideology clash among students.

The Humans of DU Event

The Humans of DU are planning an event called ‘Stop Brahminism, Break Caste Barriers’. It will have pictures, talks, and activities to raise awareness about caste discrimination.

What’s the Event About?

Parichay, a student, thinks the Brahmins of DU event goes against university values. He believes it’s important to speak up against discrimination and inequality.

Students’ Response

The Students’ Federation of India (SFI) shared about the Humans of DU event on Instagram, saying it’s about fairness, equality, and justice for all students on campus.

The Brahmins of DU Event

No one knows much about this event. Students are asking questions to find out more. They want to understand its purpose and why it was approved.


Some students think only certain events get permission, and they’re worried about fairness. They feel like their voices aren’t being heard and their concerns aren’t being addressed.

Making Things Fair

Even with worries, the Humans of DU event should happen without any problems. Students are working together to make sure of it. They’re determined to stand up for what they believe in. This fight shows that students care about fairness and kindness at Delhi University. They’re ready to fight for what’s right and create a more inclusive campus environment.

Unity Among Students

Despite the disagreement, students from various backgrounds are coming together to support the Humans of DU event. They believe in standing together against discrimination and inequality.

Seeking Clarity

Students who filed the RTI inquiry hope to receive answers soon. They seek clarity on the approval process for events at the university to ensure transparency and fairness.

Spreading Awareness

The Humans of DU event aims to raise awareness about the importance of equality and justice. Through discussions and presentations, they hope to inspire others to join their cause and create positive change.

Collaboration for Progress

Despite their differences, both groups want what’s best for the university. They hope to find common ground and collaborate to create a more harmonious campus environment where everyone feels included and respected.

Importance of Student Voices

This conflict highlights the importance of student voices in shaping campus culture and policies. It emphasizes the need for open dialogue and mutual respect among all members of the university community.


Looking Towards the Future

As students navigate this conflict, they are also looking towards the future of Delhi University. They hope to build a campus environment that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusion, and upholds the values of equality and justice for all and not an DU ideology clash.


In conclusion, the clash between the Humans of DU and Brahmins of DU reflects a broader struggle for equality and justice on campus. Despite disagreements, students are coming together to advocate for fairness and inclusivity. Through their events and actions, they are raising awareness about important social issues and working towards positive change. This conflict underscores the importance of student activism and the power of collective action in driving meaningful progress.



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