DU Bomb Threat Causes Panic at Lady Shri Ram and Sri Venkateswara Colleges

The University of Delhi (DU) made a decision that has left teachers feeling unhappy. They moved the DU summer vacation by one week, which has upset many teachers.

New Dates for Vacation

The DU summer vacation, which was originally scheduled from June 7 to July 21, has now been changed to June 14 to July 21. DU said they had to change it for some reason, but they didn’t say why.

Teachers Are Upset

Teachers are not happy about this change. They had already made plans for the original dates, and now they have to change everything. This is causing them a lot of stress and frustration.

Why Teachers Are Upset

Teachers need this break to rest and spend time with their families. They also use this time to work on projects and prepare for the next semester. Changing the dates without asking them first is not fair.

What’s Next

Teachers are asking DU to talk to them before making big changes like this. They believe that working together is the best way to solve problems and make decisions that are fair for everyone.

More Concerns

Teachers have other concerns too. They worry that DU is making too many changes without asking them first. This makes it hard for them to do their jobs well and plan for the future.

Call for Communication

Teachers want DU to communicate with them better. They want to be involved in the decision-making process so that they can provide input and make sure their needs are considered. This will make things better for everyone in the long run.


Importance of Stability

Stability in the academic calendar is important for teachers and students alike. Teachers need to know when their breaks are so they can plan their work and personal lives. Students also need stability to plan their studies and activities outside of school.

Effect on Teaching Quality

Frequent changes to the academic calendar can also affect the quality of teaching. Teachers need time to prepare their lessons and make sure they are providing the best education possible for their students. Constant changes disrupt this process and can lead to rushed or incomplete lessons.

Concern for Student Well-being

Teachers are also worried about how these changes affect their students. Uncertainty about vacation dates can cause stress and anxiety for students, making it harder for them to focus on their studies. It’s important for students to have a stable schedule so they can feel safe and supported in their learning environment.



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