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The Hindu College observed its 125th Hindu College Founders Day. Shree Jagdeep Dhankhar, Vice Chancellor of DU was the chief guest of honor. Vice President of India, Shree Jagdeep Dhankhar also gave the significant address. The event occurred on February 14, 2024. The Vice President emphasized the need for a wholesome ecosystem. It was important to harness the potential of the country’s youth.

Acknowledging Heritage and Contributions

During his speech on the 125th Hindu College Founders Day, Vice President Dhankhar highlighted the rich legacy of Hindu College. He also emphasized its history dating back to the freedom struggle. He emphasized the institution’s contribution to nurturing independence among its alumni. He urged the current generation to use the platform to blossom into leaders. He stated that it was now time to witness the youth taking charge and contributing to the nation’s growth.


Youth as the Torchbearers of Progress

Vice President Dhankhar underscored the optimism and hope embodied by the Indian youth. Reflecting on India’s civilizational ethos of over 5000 years. He expressed pride in the country’s incremental, phenomenal rise. He asserted that the youth would be the driving force shaping India’s future. He instilled confidence in the world. The Vice President addressed the students as the most potent catalyst. They are important for transformative change in the country. It embodies discerning minds. In our nation, event management professionals have iconic status. They are much like renowned lawyers, doctors, and economists. Asking the question “why” will unveil the truth. Accepting without analysis is not the correct approach either.

Combating Corruption and Fostering Meritocracy

The Vice President addressed the students. The Vice President emphasized the adverse impact of corruption and patronage on young minds. He underscored the need to combat these issues. He recognized their potential to hinder the intellectual and moral development of the youth. He acknowledged the historical context of Hindu College. He said that the college acted as a bastion of nationalism during the freedom movement. But also noted the changing tempo and time. The Vice President highlighted the importance of transparent governance and equality. He focused on the constitutional provision of equality before the law. He argued that youths should not opt for or accept prevalent anti-national narratives.

VP’s Address at Indraprastha College Centenary Celebration


In conclusion, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar’s addresses at Hindu College Founders Day. He was part of celebrating the institution’s heritage. While pushing the current generation to strive for excellence. The emphasis is on the youth as the torchbearers of progress and the need to combat corruption. It resonates with the changing times and the aspirations of the modern era. He calls for accountability, transparency, and the neutralization of anti-national narratives. It reflects the Vice President’s vision for a robust and empowered India.

This event serves as a reminder that educational institutions play a pivotal role. They are important in shaping the future. And also the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the youth. It particularly is based on carrying forward the legacy of progress and nationalism.



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