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A group of 36 students from Kashmir University, along with friends from different colleges, went on an exciting trip to visit Kirori Mal College in Delhi. They didn’t just want to learn about the college; they also wanted to make new friends and see how life is in a big city. Kashmir University students at Delhi University let’s have a look.

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Meeting Movie Stars

The students were super happy to visit places where famous actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shakti Kapoor studied. These actors are like heroes in movies! Walking where their favorite stars once walked made their trip feel extra special.

Discovering Delhi’s History

Apart from the college, the students explored cool places in Delhi’s history. They visited Rashtrapati Bhavan, where the President of India lives. It’s like a grand palace! Meeting important people and learning how things work in the capital city was fun and interesting.

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Learning from Each Other

The head of Kashmir University, Prof Naseer Iqbal, talked about how meeting new people is important. It helps us understand each other better. Prof Iqbal said thanks to the Indian Army for organizing the trip and told the students to show their talents. He thinks learning from different cultures makes us better people.

Spreading Peace

Brig Bhanu Khanna, a military officer, hopes the students make friends in Delhi. He believes these friendships can help people in Delhi understand the beauty of Kashmir. This, he says, is a way to spread peace and harmony.

Making Education Fun

The students want everyone to know this trip wasn’t just about studying; it was about having fun and making friends. They said thank you to everyone who made this trip possible because trips like these make learning more fun.

Growing Together

This trip wasn’t only about books and classrooms. It helped the students grow as people. Meeting new friends and experiencing different cultures made them see the world in a bigger way.


Looking Forward

The students are excited about more trips like this. They want to keep making friends and learning from each other. The journey of exploring new places and meeting new people made them curious and excited about more adventures in the future.

Cultural Exchange Beyond Borders

The trip wasn’t just about the students learning; it was also about them teaching others about Kashmir. This exchange of ideas made everyone richer.

Impact on Personality Development

As the students explored Delhi, they also discovered new things about themselves. Visiting new places, meeting different people, and moving around a busy city helped them become better and more open-minded.

Expressing Gratitude

The students wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who made this trip so great. From the people who organized it to the new friends they made in Delhi, every person played a role in creating memories that will stay with them forever.

A Ripple Effect of Friendship

The friendships made during this trip don’t stop with just this group. The hope is that these connections will keep growing, making everyone feel more connected and understanding of each other.

Future Collaborations

Looking ahead, the students hope to work together with other schools. They think it’s a good idea to share ideas, experiences, and talents. This way, they can all learn from each other and become friends.

In conclusion, the journey of Kashmir University students at Delhi University was more than just a visit. It was a step towards making friends and understanding each other better. As they go back home, the memories and lessons from Delhi will shape how they see the world, making it a place where everyone is friends, no matter where they come from.



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