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In cultural fest Reverie, Gargi College’s Principal, Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, surprised by dancing and walking the ramp with her students. She joined students on stage for a dance performance. A video capturing the moment went viral on social media. It showcased the unique bond between the principal and the students. This extraordinary event has garnered widespread attention and admiration. It emphasized the positive and friendly environment that exists within the institution.

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A Principal’s Unconventional Moves

The first part of the article sheds light on the viral video that has been circulating on the internet. Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia is seen walking the ramp with the students. She engaged in a lively dance performance to the beats of a popular Honey Singh song. The video captures the moment’s enjoyment. It also highlights the principal’s willingness to participate in student activities beyond the conventional role.

Comments Received online

The comments section accompanying the viral video is a testament to the positive response from viewers. Many individuals expressed admiration for Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia with comments. They describe her as the “sweetest person ever” and “the coolest principal.” The video prompted sentiments of gratitude, with one commenter expressing, “We are so blessed to have such a cool principal.” The positive remarks extended beyond the principal to include praise for Gargi College’s Principal itself. The comments like “Gargi College is nice” echo the sentiment of pride in the institution. Additionally, references to the song, with remarks like “Yo-yo Honey Singh always rocks,” added a touch of musical enthusiasm. The comments section was flooded with these comments. Overall, the comments reflected a collective appreciation for the principal’s approachability. The vibrant atmosphere within Gargi College was praised by people on social media.


Viewers Amazed: Social Media Storm

The video received an overwhelming response on the video on social media platforms. The footage has garnered over 2.3 million views. It was posted two days before only on Instagram. It indicates the widespread interest and appreciation from the online community. Comments flooded the comment section where people expressed their thoughts on the video. It expresses admiration for the principal’s approachability and the positive atmosphere. These are impostant as well to have such interactions between the head of the institution and the students.

A Friendly and Inclusive Environment

The significance of such interactions is in creating a holistic and friendly educational environment. It delves into how events like these showcase the approachable and caring side of the principal. It makes her more than an authority figure but a friend to the students. This friendly atmosphere enhances the learning experience. It also promotes open communication and a sense of belonging within the student community.

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In conclusion, the viral video featuring Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, the principal of Gargi College has surfaced online. The Principal dancing with students at the cultural fest Reverie captured the attention of social media. It has also become a symbol of the strong bond between the principal and the student body. The video’s popularity underscores the positive impact of such interactions on the college environment. It fosters a sense of inclusivity and camaraderie. The event serves as a reminder that education is not confined to classrooms and textbooks only. It extends to creating a nurturing and friendly atmosphere for students to thrive. The college’s celebration of the student-principal relationship is a testament to the commitment to holistic development. It helps in creating lasting memories for its students.


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