Thinking of going on a long bike ride?

Although long rides give great experiences, they are accompanied by risks. From sudden accidents to bike breakdowns, anything can happen that may find you stranded in unknown places.

Therefore, whether you are riding solo or with a group on highways or mountain roads you must note some essential safety tips for long-distance riding on a bike.

This guide will cover crucial tips for safe driving when planning a long bike trip, ensuring you have a memorable and trouble-free journey.

8 Tips to Consider When Going on a Long Bike Trip

Here is a list of 8 safety tips for long-distance riding on a bike that you should consider:

  1. Examine Your Bike

Before starting your trip, choose a bike based on capacity and performance. Even after selecting a proper bike, your journey could be spoiled if your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of the highway or mountain road. Hence, you must check your bike thoroughly for issues like oil, tyre air pressure, air filter, and chain and do the required repairs and replacements. Also, consider carrying a spare tank and fixing it to the rear of your luggage rack before beginning the trip.

  1. Service Your Bike

Before embarking on a long ride, performing a brief health check on your bike is crucial. You must conduct basic checks such as examining the engine oil, checking other fluids, assessing braking power, inspecting the chain or belt, and examining air filters. This quick inspection minimises the likelihood of a breakdown, ensuring a smoother and more trouble-free journey. Regularly monitoring these key aspects contributes to your bike’s overall health and performance, enhancing safety and reliability on the road.

  1. Dress Appropriately

You must wear proper riding gear with aerodynamic helmets, riding jackets, and pants to combat wind resistance and ensure comfort during long rides. You must consider installing an aerodynamic windshield on your bike for added protection. Moreover, dress according to the weather. Opt for thicker clothing in winter and lighter, stylish attire in summer. Additionally, prioritise safety by wearing a safety vest, raincoat, and helmet to stay protected in case of accidents or rainy conditions.

  1. Take Breaks

Taking a break during your journey is one of the crucial safety tips for long-distance riding on a bike. For instance, if you plan to travel 500 km in a day, take a break after covering 250 km. Stop for refreshments, stretch your muscles, and take a short walk. Riding for long stretches can make your muscles sore, so you must give your body a break. Your bike also needs some rest after covering many miles.

  1. Stay Alert and Prepared

Being alert at all times is crucial for long rides. Always remain vigilant and focused on the road ahead. Moreover, during a long drive, you are likely to encounter various weather conditions as you travel through different geographic locations. Make your ride more comfortable by being prepared for these changes.

  1. Carry Earplugs

While it may seem unnecessary, wearing earplugs can be a lifesaver during long hours of driving. Constant wind noise on the road can be tiring and harmful to your ears. By wearing comfortable earplugs, you can block out these minor annoyances and enjoy your ride without any hassle. It might seem like a small pleasure, but earplugs are essential for your safety.

  1. Increase Your Stamina

To increase your riding stamina gradually, you need to practise and prepare for long road trips on your bike. You cannot just wake up one day and decide to go on the journey. It is important to prepare properly, so start by practising riding your bike regularly before you begin the journey. Increase the length of your practice journeys over time. Begin with a short stretch, then ride continuously for a long duration. As your body gets accustomed to riding for long distances, you will find it easier to overcome challenges and ride with less effort compared to riding without preparation.

  1. Ride With Someone

Consider riding with a partner, as they are beneficial, especially on long bike trips. Riding solo for extended periods can lead to boredom and exhaustion, making it hard to stay focused. Thus, it is a good idea to travel with other bikers to ride with you. Having someone along boosts morale and is essential for a successful road trip.

Additional Things to Consider Before a Long Bike Trip

  • Check Key Documents

Many bike riders store their two-wheeler’s documents under the pillion’s seat. Before you go on a trip, check all the essential documents like your registration certificate (RC), driving license (DL), bike insurance, and PUC.

  • Buy/Renew Bike Insurance:

You need to have a valid bike insurance policy to keep yourself financially protected. Therefore, buy a bike insurance plan if you don’t have one. Otherwise, if you find your bike insurance is about to or has expired, you must renew bike insurance policy before setting out.

Ensure to keep the following things to keep in mind when renewing your policy:

  • Go for the insurer with a large cashless garage network
  • Opt for Return to Invoice cover
  • Go for the insurer that offers higher IDV in bike insurance
  • Opt for PA coverage with your insurance policy


  • Take Emergency Repair Training:

Besides carrying tools and repair kits, consider taking a basic bike maintenance and repair course. Knowing how to handle common issues like flat tyres, chain problems, or brake adjustments can save time and frustration during the trip.

  • Check the Weather:

Research seasonal weather patterns for the regions you’ll be travelling through. Plan for potential weather contingencies and pack accordingly.

  • Plan Accommodations:

Consider making accommodation reservations in advance for longer journeys, especially if passing through popular tourist destinations or remote areas.

Following the above safety tips for long-distance riding on a bike, you will ensure that your journey is well-prepared. While your motorcycle skills are valuable, applying these techniques makes the trip smoother. Furthermore, if you are planning such a journey, ensure you have reliable bike insurance to safeguard your vehicle.


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