Gargi college is an all women college of Delhi University, the well renowned and among the best colleges of South Campus and University as well. Student of Gargi college experiences some of the most interesting deals which they will always prize high for all their lives. One more thing to make a notice about a Gargite is, we people are truly proud that we are a part of this college and Guys, we never follow any random male who visits the campus, from all other women colleges, this is makes an exception for Gargi people.




  1. THE SECURITY CHECK- Identity cards, whether you are from the 1 st year or from the final year, its really does not matter at all you have to show your ID cards to get an entry. You cannot miss
    this game with aunty at the gate (the lady security guard),many of people call her didi, ma’am etc, its your choice with salutation.





2.AUDI FOYER- This place belongs to the society people, you will find many of the society crowd practicing or just counting their hours. Good WiFi connectivity attract some more crowd to this place.






3.NEW COMPUTER LAB- A computer lab for all that practicals and educational purposes, No, Not at all, this place is frequently used for Internet connectivity and for the mobile phone charging point, when no classes are held.





4.THE NESCAFE COURT- Coffee and a conversation plus some latest gossips, yes that’s feminine. It is just a proper place to all the hot discussions and debatable topics. Also it serves many beverages like coffee, tea, lemon tea, etc. And the most preferable ‘The Tehelka sandwich’.





5. SPORTS GROUND- Nobody is actually interested in whats going on, at this place but it is surely one of the favorite hangout spot during the free time and specially in winters.



6.BOTANICAL GARDEN- Botanical garden? What’s that? Its just a place for selfies and photo sessions although we do have some varieties of plant families there but all we know is that its green over there.







7.THE PHOTOCOPY SHOP- Notes, xerox blah blah. Photocopy shop or just a terrible experience with a featured arrogant lady who owns it like a jewellery shop.




8.LIBRARY- Take a book from the rack, have a seat and start talking, gossiping. A peaceful place for talking, completing assignments and sometimes studying. Additively you will never get any type of motivation to visit this place for anything.





9.FASHION HUB- From fashionista to disastress you get everything here, ethnic to modern, from Saree to short dresses either you laugh out loud or you say ‘wow’.



10.BEST NEIGHBORS- You just have to cross the road and here is comes locality’s best place for
food with DIGGIN, MITHAPUR, KEVENTERS and more to save your pocket from travel expenses.
We have Kamla Nehru College just next to us, another girls college.



By- Niharika Sonkar

Gargi College



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