De-affiliation of 12 DU Colleges

The denial of financial support by the Delhi govt on their De-affiliation of 12 DU Colleges from the university, has ignited a heated debate. The Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) has written to Governor VK Saxena. They alleged financial irregularities and opposed the demand for disaffiliation. The government, though, insists on disaffiliation as a prerequisite for funding. It leads to a standoff.

Financial Irregularities Allegations:

The DUTA contends that the claims are baseless. This came in response to the allegations of financial irregularities. They say the Delhi government’s audit agency found problems in how the colleges handled finances. The issues involve making positions and hiring staff without approval & the necessary permissions. Moreover, salaries worth crores were allegedly disbursed without following established appointment procedures.

The DUTA highlights that regular audits. It included statutory, LFA, and AGC audits. These are by government agencies. Despite posts getting approval in 2015. A committee was formed in 2021 to resolve the sanctioning issue. It involved the Delhi University and the Delhi government. The colleges resubmitted the necessary details for post-sanctioning. Both government and university officials were reportedly satisfied with the submissions. Hence, the outcome is pending government approval.

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Disaffiliation Demand and Standoff:

The heart of the matter revolves around the Delhi government’s insistence. It was to the 12 colleges sever ties with Delhi University as a condition to receive financial backing. This demand forms the core of the dispute. This demand ties disaffiliation to financial support. It has emerged as a major obstacle in the ongoing negotiations. These are between the government and the educational institutions. It introduces a significant challenge. It was complicating the talks and adding a layer of complexity to the resolution process. The linkage of disaffiliation with financial aid becomes a focal point. It raised questions about the autonomy and future relationships of these educational establishments. The government’s linkage of disaffiliation to financial support has become a central point of contention. It sparked debates on the autonomy and future affiliations of these colleges. The DUTA opposes this demand. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining the colleges’ affiliation with Delhi University. The association argues that the demand creates unnecessary hurdles. It also threatens the continuity of funding. The welfare of the students must get the continued flow of funding.

Delhi University Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh has expressed a similar stance. He is in the process of asserting that the colleges should remain affiliated with DU. He argues that the government should provide funding. The government shouldn’t impose disaffiliation as a condition. The VC believes that preserving affiliation is crucial for the growth and development of the colleges. His stance is rooted in the conviction of maintaining ties with Delhi University. It contributes to the overall progress of these educational institutions. It aligns with the interests of the students.

Importance of Continuous Funding for Student Welfare:

The primary concern highlighted by both the DUTA and the Vice Chancellor is the welfare of the students. They stress the significance of a continuous, direct, and transparent flow of funding to the colleges. Adequate financial support ensures that students can access quality education without disruptions. The DUTA underlines the potential hindrance to students’ growth and exploration. If funding continuity is compromised due to De-affiliation of 12 DU Colleges demands.

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In summary, the disagreement involves money, the De-affiliation of 12 DU Colleges, and claims of financial wrongdoing. Among the Delhi government, Delhi University, and the Delhi University Teachers Association. DUTA and the Vice Chancellor stress that keeping the colleges affiliated is vital for their growth and the well-being of students. Unsettled financial issues add complexity. It makes things tough for the colleges, their departments, and, the students. A crucial aspect for the future is finding a solution that guarantees ongoing funds. And these should be done without jeopardizing the colleges’ affiliation.



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