St. Stephen Suspends Students

St. Stephen Suspends Students allegedly failing to attend the morning assembly and this has stirred controversy. More than 100 students have been suspended. The college took this drastic measure, notifying the students through email on February 17, 2024. The suspension has sparked a heated debate. The students and teachers expressed concern over the severity of the punishment. They calling for the immediate withdrawal of this order.

Concerns and Legal Implications:

The punitive action against the students, for their non-participation in the morning assembly. It raises questions about the appropriateness and legality of such a measure. Attendance at college assemblies is a common practice. But threatening to expel students for non-compliance seems extreme. Students argue that the administration’s approach is intimidating. It jeopardizes their academic prospects. Because it’ll prevent them from appearing for examinations.

Constitutional Perspectives:

From a constitutional standpoint, the right to education is a fundamental right in India. It is under Article 21-A of the Constitution Of India. Any disciplinary action affecting a student’s educational journey must be taken care of. It is to ensure it aligns with constitutional principles. The threat of expulsion seems to be wrong in various parts. The punishment for not attending an assembly raises concerns. It was about the proportionality and reasonableness of the punishment. Students and teachers have united in writing a letter to Principal John Varghese. They urged for a reconsideration of the suspension and emphasized the need for a more measured response.

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Student Reactions and Administrative Silence:

The affected students have reported. They feel threatened by the administration. Students have been called for an ultimatum to call their parents or face expulsion. There has been no official response from the college administration. Despite their concerns and the demand for the withdrawal of the suspension orders. No action has been taken till now. The lack of communication adds to the frustration and anxiety among students. They are now uncertain about their academic future.

Provision of attending assembly in the educational institution

In Indian schools, attending assemblies is a common tradition. It is important for building community spirit and discipline. But, the rules about attending aren’t the same everywhere. There’s no national law saying students must attend. Schools may have their own rules, but these rules must follow the constitution. The right to education in Article 21-A says every child has the right to free and compulsory education.

St Stephen’s Admission Will Continue With Interviews


In conclusion, St. Stephen Suspends Students of first-year students. It has raised serious questions. It was due to not attending the morning assembly. There are questions on several things. These included the appropriateness and legality of the punitive measures taken by the administration. Balancing disciplinary actions with constitutional rights is important. The right to education is crucial in ensuring fair and reasonable outcomes. The college administration’s silence on the matter is making the situation more serious. Further, there is a need for a transparent and fast resolution. As the students and teachers await a response, it remains to be seen how this incident will turn out. What will be the impact and the larger discourse on students’ rights? What disciplinary actions in educational institutions will come out?



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