St Stephen’s College first cut-off list
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St Stephen’s Admission: Asserting that it will maintain its ‘tried and trusted’ meeting procedure during entry, St Stephen’s College on Thursday persuaded the DU (Delhi University) to endure the 1992 Supreme Court declaration and “avoid establishing a terrible situation” for learners pursuing entry in the university.

In an intense answer to the varsity, the university told all competitors who refer to St Stephen’s university will confront the same entry strategies, without prejudice.
The newest roll of incidents is required to escalate the persistent entry conflict from both sides.

For St Stephen’s Admission, DU ( Delhi University) had lately instructed College that it would announce “null or void” all entries made by it in offense of the CUET ( Central Universities Entrance Test) approaches.

DU warns St. Stephens of voiding admission if college goes ahead with its 15% weightage to interview plan

In a note to DU ( Delhi University) Registrar Vikas Gupta, the university dean John Varghese on the day Thursday pinpointed that to the same entry protocols, without any kind of prejudice,” Mr. Varghese announced.

Relating to the 1992 judgment of the Supreme Court, the dean told, “St Stephen’s College as a Christian youth union has its entry protocols ratified by the elevated judiciary in the land and safeguarded by the Constitution of India.

“I realize that you have not put up with into contemplation this critical judgment, whose judgment, was put forward by an analogous difficulty before in the 80s in between DU ( Delhi University) and the College,” the note says.

The dean worried that insulting the judgment would proportion to contempt of the judiciary. “This is neither arriving to be of a well-known college nor fulfills it set forth a credible precedent. In reverence to the judgment of the Supreme court in the area,” he reads.

DU teachers urge VC to ‘review’ suspension of staff appointment in colleges



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