IAS at 22

Many dream of becoming a civil servant, but for Chandra Jyoti Singh, it became a reality IAS at 22 in her first attempt. coupled with a touch of humor, sets her story apart. Let’s delve into how this Delhi University graduate conquered the challenges of UPSC. Her story is victorious.

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Early Life and Educational Background

Chandra Jyoti Singh’s journey towards becoming an IAS officer. It started in her school days. She hails from a family with a military background. Her parents’ unwavering support fueled her aspirations. She has traveled to various states during her school years. Chandra completed her 10th grade from Jalandhar’s APJ School with a remarkable CGPA of 10. Her stellar performance continued in class 12. She secured an impressive 95.4% from Chandigarh’s Bhawan Vidyalaya.

After completing school, Chandra enrolled in Delhi University’s St. Stephen College. She graduated in 2018 with an honors degree in history. Her academic prowess is evident from the impressive 7.75 CGPA she achieved. Taking a one-year break, she dedicated herself to preparing for the UPSC exam, setting the stage for her extraordinary achievement.

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Cracking UPSC in the First Attempt: The Strategy

Chandra Jyoti Singh’s success lies in her academic achievements and her well-defined strategy. Her journey began in 2018, and within a year, she secured an All India Rank of 28. Adopting a straightforward approach, she committed one to two hours daily to reading newspapers and creating her own notes. This commitment to staying updated on current affairs, combined with weekly revisions and a focus on mock tests, played a pivotal role in her success.

Her story serves as a beacon for aspiring UPSC candidates. It emphasizes the importance of consistent learning, revision, and a targeted approach. Chandra’s dedication and motivation showcase that age is not a barrier. It shows that when armed with a determined mindset you can achieve desirable goals.

From Aspirant to IAS at 22

Chandra Jyoti Singh’s journey culminated in her becoming an IAS officer at the age of 22. Her posting as the District Magistrate of Mohali in Punjab is a testament to her hard work and perseverance. Her success is not a personal achievement but an inspiration for countless UPSC aspirants across the country. Her remarkable journey to becoming an IAS officer underscores many things. It includes the crucial role of targeted revision and focused learning in competitive exams. Her disciplined routine, involving daily newspaper reading and note-taking, coupled with weekly mock tests, exemplifies the importance of consistent revision. Chandra Jyoti’s success is a testament to the fact that a well-defined strategy. It is targeted revision, which is pivotal for triumphing in competitive exams. It offers valuable insights for aspirants navigating the challenging landscape of UPSC.

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In the realm of UPSC exams, where perseverance and strategy are key, Chandra Jyoti Singh’s story shines as a guiding light. Her journey from a Delhi University graduate to an IAS officer at 22 exemplifies several things. They include the possibilities when determination meets a well-thought-out plan. Aspiring civil servants can draw valuable lessons from Chandra’s story. It’s a tale of resilience, dedication, and triumph over one of the world’s toughest examinations.


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