How Compass by Rau’s IAS is helpful for College students?

UPSC examination

The Early Bird Catches the IAS


A young man named Akash was in his first year of college when he first heard about the UPSC Civil Services Exam. He was immediately intrigued by the idea of becoming an IAS officer, and he started to do some research on the exam.


The more he learned, the more excited he became. He realized that the UPSC exam was one of the most challenging and rewarding exams in the world, and he knew that he wanted to give it a shot.


Akash started preparing for the UPSC exam right away. He joined a study group and started reading the standard textbooks, like Laxmikant and Spectrum. He also started following current affairs for upsc and making notes on the important events.


At first, it was difficult for Akash to keep up with the workload. He was used to studying for regular college exams, which were much shorter and less comprehensive than the UPSC exam. Then someone Suggested him about Rau’s DNS & other Free resources which he can utilize for his Prepration.


As he continued to study, Akash started to feel more confident. He learned how to manage his time effectively, and he developed a strong foundation in the material. He also started to enjoy the challenge of the exam, and he found himself getting more and more excited about the prospect of becoming an IAS officer.


After his Graduation, Akash took the UPSC exam for the first time. He was nervous, but he knew that he had prepared as well as he could. When he got his results, he was overjoyed to see that he had cleared the prelims.


Akash continued to study hard for the mains exam. He took a few coaching classes and joined a few more study groups. He also started writing practice essays and giving mock interviews.


In the end, Akash’s hard work paid off. He cleared the mains exam and was invited for the interview. The interview was tough, but Akash knew that he had done his best.


A few weeks later, Akash got his dream call. He had been selected as an IAS officer.


Akash’s story is a reminder that every step is important in UPSC preparation. If you start early and put in the hard work, you can achieve your dream of becoming an IAS officer.


Here are some of the benefits of starting UPSC preparation from college:


  • You will have more time to study. College students typically have more free time than working professionals, so they can devote more time to their studies.
  • You will have a better foundation in the material. College students will have already taken classes in many of the subjects that are covered on the UPSC exam, such as history, political science, and economics. This will give them a head start in their preparation.
  • You will be able to develop good study habits. College students will have to learn how to manage their time effectively and how to study for long periods of time. These skills will be essential for success in the UPSC exam.
  • You will be able to make connections with other IAS aspirants. College students can join study groups and attend coaching classes, where they can meet other people who are also interested in becoming IAS officers. These connections can be invaluable in the preparation process and beyond.


Why Compass launched by Rau’s IAS?


Rau’s IAS launched Compass website to provide more free resources for aspirants. The website offers a wide range of resources, including:

  • Topic-wise study material
  • Current affairs updates
  • Practice MCQ for Prelims
  • Practice Questions for Mains
  • 10 Years Prelims & Mains solutions & much more


The website’s goal is to help more aspirants achieve their dream of becoming IAS or IPS officers. Rau’s IAS believes that everyone should have the opportunity to serve their country, regardless of their financial background. The website’s free resources are designed to make UPSC preparation more accessible to everyone.


The website has already helped thousands of aspirants. Since its launch, Compass has been used by over 100,000 aspirants from all over India. Many of these aspirants have gone on to clear the UPSC exam and become IAS or IPS officers.

Rau’s IAS is committed to providing quality education to all.


The company believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background. The Compass website is just one way that Rau’s IAS is working to make education more accessible to everyone.


If you have a dream of becoming an IAS officer, don’t wait until after college to start preparing. Start today and take advantage of all the benefits that come with early preparation.


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