Indraprastha College Centenary Celebration

VP Dhankhar praises the pivotal role in women’s education at Indraprastha College Centenary Celebration, highlighting its rich history. Vice President Dhankhar in his speech in the Indraprastha College Centenary Celebration commended the college’s rich history and its role in shaping women’s education. The college, on its centenary celebration, was grateful for having Vice President of India. The event featured distinguished guests, including Yogesh Singh, the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University, Principal Poonam Kumria, and the college’s chairman, Alok B Shriram.

Table of Contents

Empowering Women:

The Vice President began by praising the power of girls, referring to them as the sunshine of the nation. He highlighted the significant role of women in several areas throughout his address. Women played a prime role in several fields of life. They include organizing Republic Day activities & commended their achievements in the defense forces.

Educational Transformation:

Vice President Dhankhar emphasized the transformative impact of education, especially for girls. He stressed that education is a powerful mechanism for equality and societal change. He acknowledged the dedicated faculty of Indraprastha College. Also, emphasized transparent and quick recruitment processes in the faculty teaching staff.


Role Model for Corporate Sector:

The Vice President urged Alok B Sriram to dedicate himself to the industrial and corporate sectors. He said that the corporate sector needs more of him. He emphasized the rising industrial sector as a defining factor for India’s growth. He expressed concerns about large donations to foreign entities. He encouraged corporate leaders to contribute to CSR funds for girls’ education.

Recognizing Achievements:

Highlighting the achievements the Vice President cited examples in various fields, including politics. He commended the college’s motto of Truth, Love, Knowledge, and Service, stating that it encapsulates a vision for a futuristic India.

Defining India’s Growth:

Vice President Dhankhar underscored the defining role of girls in India’s growth. He mentioned the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao initiative and several others. He also put the constitutional provisions for women’s reservation. He emphasized on the importance of a more defined and successful redressal of grievances of 1/6th of humanity. He urged men to reconcile with the reality of women participating in policy and decision-making processes. He called out the power of women in various fields. Examples of Chandrayaan 3 have rocket women behind it.

Encouraging Innovation:

Vice President Dhankhar encouraged young girls to think big. And emphasized that failure should seen as a stepping stone to success. No one has achieved great things without facing failure. He highlighted India’s impressive growth rate and global influence. He cites achievements in various sectors, including space exploration and digital transactions.

Vocal for Local:

The Vice President advocated for self-reliance and manufacturing goods indigenously. He opined the concept of “Vocal for Local.” He urged the country to produce its goods and necessities, fostering a sense of Swadeshi.

Memorandum of Understanding:

In an announcement, Vice President Dhankhar revealed a MoU between the Indian Council of World Affairs and the college. And it will be ratified in under 1 month. Alok B Sriram will ratify the agreement, and 100 girls from the college were invited to witness the signing at the Vice President’s house.



In concluding his address, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar called on the girls to lead India’s journey to 2047. He emphasized their crucial role in achieving physical and financial fitness. He also urged them to take Bharat Mata to new heights on the global stage.

This exclusive address served as a source of inspiration for young women. It was encouraging for them to dream big and contribute to the nation’s development. Vice President Dhankhar’s words resonated with hope and possibility. It left a lasting impact on the occasion of the Indraprastha College Centenary Celebration of this esteemed institution.


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