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Grabbing A Seat In One Of The Most Elite Courses In Delhi University Is Often Considered To Be A Dream Come True But This Dream Turns Out To Be Foggy Once You Enter Into This Field .Economics Is Not Only Interesting But It A Complicated And A Complex One To Handle It. Being An Eco(H) Student I Have Some Personal Experiences To Share With You :-

  • Scoring In This Field Is Not A Cup Of Tea:-

Getting A Perfect Course In Class 12 And Occupying A Seat Into Economics At DU Make People Believe That They Are Genius On This Planet Earth. But The Hard Core Reality Is That It Is Not That Easy To Score The Way You Scored In Class 12 A Full 100 On 100.We Need To Accept The Fact That There Is A Huge Difference Between A School And A College And At What Level We Are That Also Makes A Difference.The Evaluation System Is Also Different We Are Not Hanged Around CBSE Teacher’s Where We Are Poured For Extra Marks This Is DELHI UNIVERSITY And Here The Rules And Regulations Are Different.


  • Having this misconception of getting a job right out of the college:-

Many of your uncle and aunts get really amazed when they get to know that your son/daughter is up with one of the  best courses the only thing that comes up to their mind is “Jobs toh easily mil jaaenge after all TOUGH subject jo kar rahe ho you would definetly reap good results” . Excuse Moi(Excuse Me) ladies and gentlemen this is not the truth this is the harsh bit reality we are not the cool dudes like students are where they easily secure a job and we end up begging for a petite(small) internship.

  • Battling between M.A and MBA

We Eco(H) Students Are Always Perplexed Between These Two Options Final Year Seems To Be More Or Less A “Career Counseling Session” Many Of Them Come Up And Convince Us To Go And Take A Chance In MBA.But Guyz,It’s Your Career And Your Take. If You Go In For MA You Would Be Opting To Be The Best In Your Field Whereas Opting For MBA You Choose For Being A Young Entrepreneur. It’s Entirely Up to You Whether You Want To Be A Master Of One Or Jack Of Everything. But Remember Whatever You Do Optimize For The Best And If You Give Your Best, Your Life Is Actually Set… :p


Apart from maths,this is a field for number lover’s .yes! this is the truth economics is a playground for students who love to analyze critically,interpret the data and find the puzzle hidden in it.we deal with various topics like which distribution is to be applied when testing is done to finding out national income in bulk or what would be the current rate of birth and death rate .If you want to be a master stroke in your subject time,patience,dedication and passion is required if you opted just for the sake of it then I must say you would surely have a tough time and would curse yourself every second,minute and hour of your day why did you opt for this course.there would be many ways that this subject would test your patience level up-to next level but if you want to have a hang of it then a crystal clear understanding and strong taste is a must.

By- Aashima Gupta

Eco(H) , Satyawati College



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