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Now that you have grabbed a seat in Eco (H) and baffled what to do next?  Believe me you are not the sole culprit honey! Despite the fact that Eco(H) demands your time but at the same time it provides a plethora of opportunities in this field. Deserving candidates wouldn’t find a hard time to grab a job with fairly a good remuneration.So,Eco folks don’t get disheartened that you made  a wrong choice have a look below to a list of options that you can fancy them with your degree:



Master’s In Economics Or Mba In Finance

If You Want A Great Kick In Your Career Then Go Ahead  By Either Getting Into Master’s Or MBA  In Finance Right After You Complete Your Graduation .This Not Only Gives You A Good Pay  But Also A Great Exposure Specially In The Private Sector.

Corporate Law


If you have an interest in law then this is the best platform for you a bachelor’s degree followed by an LLB degree and you are set to become the next Harvey from suits…:p



Government jobs

An Array Of Opportunities Open Up After Eco(H) After You Complete Your Post Grad  In The Government Sector Like The Indian Economic Services Or Bagging A Job In Reserve Bank Of India  Or In Psu’s Which Not Only Adds A Prestige On Your Social Status But A Great Start As Well.



Journalism In Economics

If  you have a talent for writing then this is your Place. Your Pen and your degree would take you to Places in the field of eco journalism. Simply  what you have to do is  analyze and study deeply all the economic conditions that are happening around the globe by showcasing your insights and inferences that you have drawn by  Publishing them into magazines or journals.


There are many consultant firms where they prefer eco graduates by giving them a wide opportunity like working as an economic advisor,executive economist or as a juno economist. Plus,if you need a high pay then don’t miss the chance.


Be it an investment analysis or a financial analysis these are considered to be the typical job profiles for an economic graduate followed by a good score then you have an excellent chance of getting to work in big MNC like Bain &Co,Goldman sachs, Deloitte.



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