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‘Backlogs ‘or ‘unfinished exams’, it is a common scenario of every other student pursuing graduation. Almost every other student scares of backlogs as if they are a ghost haunting them. So, till what extent backlogs harm? If you have backlogs then you need to know these pros and cons-

1) Bad impression

At the very first point, having backlogs put a bad impression on everyone be it teachers or classmates. A kind of awkwardness grew up inside you while asking doubts or questions from the concerned teachers. Most of students end up avoiding their doubts and eventually score low marks in coming exams. Simultaneously, ignorance is also felt from classmates while discussing a particular subject due to the remark of less than average intelligence.

2) Hardly remember anything

For an instance , a student had a backlog in third semester ,now he/she will get a chance in fifth semester to clear the backlog but what exactly happen is , due to the semester gapstudent became less in contact with subject concepts and understanding that they had during that semester making them to revise everything again . They rarely memorize the lessons they understood or the examples teacher gave them to understand sitting inside the class.

3) Increased Burden

While studying for the current exams you also have to study the subject in which you had a backlog. Now, making a perfect schedule with one increased subject or two in same definite time is a pique work. You can understand when your classmates are studying six or seven subject in four month and you are only one burning mid night oil due to increased number of subject that you have to complete in those four months.

4) What about Placements?

Placement is where the backlogs may or may not affect you. Though it is true most of companies prefer clear records but in some situation it also depends on number of your backlogs and subjects. Like, if you get backlog in core subjects of your course then surely it will impact a lot. But still a hope is there, most of companies have criteria of minimum eligibility. If you have scored more than the eligibility marks then your way is clear.

5) Clear until final year…

You need to clear all the backlogs until final year or till the completion of course immediately for on campus placement otherwise you will not even be considered at all. In some case, students get on campus placement but get a backlog after it. In those cases, it depends on company if they forward you a sorry letter or time to complete the backlog.


6) New chance!

Backlogs do not simply mean bad luck. If you are a bright and determined student then you know it is a new chance for you. The concepts, logics and reasoning that you find hard to answer at that time, there is a chance now to understand them better. They are certainly going to be get used in your future ahead so having one more opportunity to understand them is not bad.

7) Better and bigger picture

You gave the exam once and now it’s your second try. Clearly now you know your weak and strong points, where you have to work more, which chapters need more emphasis? You had a kind of experience. If you utilize that experience in right direction nothing will stop you to pass that with ease.

Ultimately education is just not about passing the subject, if there is no mental grasp over the subject there is no use. There are so many students who may pass the subject by cramming or stuffing every single page in their brains but what next? They are not even going to crack interview for placements. So have faith in yourself be determined and study smartly and remember backlogs cannot ruin your future until you let them to.

By- Anushikha Chaudhary for DU Updates


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