Get Cozy

Spend a weekend with a loved one, or maybe alone, just remembering the little things and reminiscing how good life has been.



Winters don’t necessarily mean indoors.

Sun is best enjoyed in winters and we all know that. Sit in sun for some time or take a walk and you won’t come back all sweaty like summers.



There is no combination better than a book, a warm blanket and a mug of coffee that I can imagine for winters.


Who doesn’t like bonfires?

Bonfires are best way to spend nights in winters. Some time spent with family or friends doing something everyone loves, harms no one.


Learn Something New

Since winters give you the advantage of staying in bed without complaint all day and everything on net being just a click away, you might as well learn something. It could be anything like a new language or a new instrument.

Eat as much as you can

They say the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach and I’m pretty sure that’s true for women too. Winters come with the privilege of enjoying a hot plate of food and not feeling guilty about it.

Get enough sleep

One of the many good things about winters is long nights. And no matter how much we all deny it, deep inside we love the bed-blanket combo.


Work Out

Though winter is a season when we’d all rather be lazy, but don’t let the few months spoil your shape. If nothing else, a little running or jogging would be fine too and it also helps to keep the body warm.


Winters are chilly and while a lot of us have the privilege to stay in our cosy homes with our heaters on, there are some people who are forced to stay on the streets. Some blankets and extra sweaters taken out of your homes may save their live.




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