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1) Campus life? Not Really.

Maitreyi College, even after being a part of the South Campus, is a lone wolf. We are away from the campus life but it’s nothing that a ten rupees auto ride can’t make right.


 2) Our Knights in Shining Armour: The auto waalas

You think oxygen is most important for survival? Ask the Maitreyi girls about the dear auto waale bhaias. Be it Race Course metro station or a small ride to Satya Niketan, they sure make lives easier for us.

2) Greenery? Tell us about it.

Why hang out outside when your college has it all? Maitreyi College has many lawns in the campus that not just serve as hang out spots for the girls, but sometimes are also used as alternatives for classrooms.

4) The saviour of mankind: Free WiFi

The Maitreyi College campus is Wi-Fi enabled and a dream come true for all the students.


 5) Library? No thanks, I’m fine.

Is it possible for you to imagine all books stacked on one floor without proper ventilation? No? We at Maitreyi know the feels.


6) Did you say Embassies?

Owing to its posh location and being surrounded by foreign embassies, one can’t argue with Maitreyi girls about that because we know them all by heart.


7) We’re good and we know it

From photography to fashion, all our societies are awesome. Two of the many renowned societies are Zeal, the western dance society and Abhivyakti, the dramatics society.



8) Elections, you say? We don’t care!

Elections play an important role in University of Delhi and every year during elections, the studies get disrupted for days. Be it free movie tickets or journey to the end of the world, there is no end to the fiasco. Maitreyi being away from the campus doesn’t get affected at all.

9) Unity in Diversity is our mantra

It is not a hidden fact that the colleges in DU have a diverse crowd. People from all parts of India come to study here. Maitreyi is one such college. But apart from the regional diversity, Maitreyi also witnesses the diverse personalities. From dressed up divas to I-don’t-care-what-I-wear-to-college, we have them all.

By-Pragya Achantani

 Maitreyi College






  1. where is Nrityakriti ? The Indian Dance Society?
    You must know that among all the indian dance societies of DU
    Our society is on ?
    *Be updated*
    Rankings of all folk dance teams on end of *9march2017 for session – 2016-17

    *Maitreyi –8 gold, 7silver
    *Msc—-1gold,2slvr,1 brnz
    *kamlaNehru-1gold, 2silvr
    *Gargi-1 gold,1slvr,6brnz
    *Ggs(boy)-1 gold,1bronze
    *Vivekannda–1 gold,1silvr
    *ggs (girls)–, 2 silver
    *M agrasen-1slvr,1brnz


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