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Most of the times without giving second thought we get closer and closer to the person whom we adore very much and we often tend to cross the line of friendship. The ladder that we climb from strangers to acquaintances to close friends and making her your first lady is actually a tough process.

Have you been into this phase where you’re beloved is almost or about to be your gf and you have no clue to what’s happening. You may adore her more than a friend but she loves you only as a friend BUT simultaneously. She has mentioned that you are her hunny-bunny with whom she wants to stay and doesn’t want to lose ever. Having such kind of a situation you may come across certain questions in your head and you have this fear of asking her out.

  1. Are we friend zoned?

  2. Is it the sibling love?

  3. Or you actually want this situation to head and move on to the next level?



You may find hundred of reasons to call her up so that you can hear her voice once again and exchange a bit of gossip on occasion basis but after a couple of days, the calls get more frequent starting your day with a good morning call and ending your night by skyping up each other so that you can see her face and dream about her. If this is your take then the answer is quite simple “bhai aap pyaar m ho and your into this first step of getting attracted to her.


Do you and your friend share any kind of nick names  such names are given to  people  when you have an overwhelming surge of affection towards each other. They are very personal and funny and you wouldn’t  like to share  these names with anybody.




Well, this case is so much in common when you spend your entire time with her telling her all the secrets,feelings or the funny things that happen between the two of you and at the end you finish each other’s sentences and you might find it cute and adorable and at the same time you reach on to the next level and feel cloud nine.





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