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Stepping into a college, and in an all girls college, may be a nightmare for some and destiny for the others. In the very first year, it entails a feeling of a free bird, out of the schooly cage. Well, if it’s DRC , the caprice is altogether different! It’s a farrago of distinct butterflies, from Shakespeare to kalidas, from Angelina Jolie to rakhi sawant and from sati sawitri to sonam Gupta! There is no end of the talent that are poles apart! Here are some peculiar DRC experience, which a true DRCian can relate to, and laugh at, and fill their suitcases with these little memories to take away home after 3 years of the college.







Table of Contents

1.Regret of CBSE board Results:

Yes, whether we accept it or not, in the first semester atleast, we regret on the very fact that 2-3% more in the CBSE board could have opened doors for the college touching the end walls, all time rival, srcc! But eventually, we start singing “ghoom lia jag sara, apna ghar hai sabse pyara”.

2) Attendance Trap

For a good number of audience inn the auditorium for every event , teachers lures the student to come in the auditorium for attendance , and after the victims have entered the rat trap, the doors get closed till the time the event ends, and the poor rats regret on their greed!


3) From lata mangeshkar to arnab goswami, DRC is a milange:

Passing from outside  the music room or ever evidencing the music rehearsals of the music society, can fill your soul with such a melody which you can hardly resist. On the other way, passing through the sports ground and if it’s the time for meme sis rehearsals, then you may get horrified for a second, and laugh till your stomach burst on the very next second!

4) NSS clearance is a big deal:

60 hours of NSS are not less than a dream for many students, and failing to complete these leads to- sorry girls! No admit card for the upcoming exams! Well, that’s very annoying if you do not have any friend in the NSS council.

5) Library ,the Solace !

Although DRC library is a bag full of finicky rules yet it’s a place where the book eaters can find a solace and the other ones can enjoy the conducive air conditioned resting place. Well, if you explore a bit, you can find some nice novels to read in the English and Hindi section as well. DRC library is a treasure, if you know how to explore!

6) Mera wifi partner


College wifi runs at a speed of 15mbps, so a treat for the movie buffs! But here, the password changes like a girl’s mood, and hence a friend who belongs to college hostel ,will be called, ” a friend in need, is a friend indeed”.



7) Shoo away! It’s break time:


Admin section of the college enjoys a VIP treatment, all over the year. Their break time generally ranges from 1-2 hours, and in the mean time, if you unwittingly barge into the office, then dear, you would come out with teary eyes!




8) No bhadas with the same oldy:

As in most of the courses, teachers changes with the change of semester, hence no problem of any disputes over the fucchagiri of the previous semester. So a bye bye to the oldy of the last sem forever!




9)Fee submission is no less than a war:

The same long queues like in the bank these days, for fee submission, and sometimes frustration leads to aggression, and aggression leads to..(Everyone knows)! The scenario turns into as such instead of submission, free cash is being distributed!




10) Rangshala, life is like a stage:

Every time eyes lands on the stage of the beautiful rangshala, an actor inside says, this is the stage and I am the star tonight! Each and everybody, wants to perform on that incredible stage with the glam audience sitting on the stairs to welcome the starry eyes!


11) If you would be granted a super power, what would you do?

And all the 5000 voices will bellow in unison , ” I would make DRC co-ed”! Well that’s the evergreen demand of all the people sustaining their lives in DRC! Even the dogs residing inside are females.  But the song keeps us alive and happy,          ” duniya me aae ho to jeena hi padega, jeevan hai agar zeher to peena hi padega! “

And those who got to know DRC is a girl’s college only after getting admitted in the college , write me up girl, I can understand your pain!

By- Surbhi Aggarwal

Daulat Ram College





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