Being the last bencher will surely not help you to get the best grades but the best memories, which you will always keep in your heart with love and leer. There are the 10 stirring reasons why being a last bencher is awesome.

1. Backbenchers are likely to get more attention from the professors, classmates and random people enters the class, than the frontbencher for not any obvious reason.



2. The last bench view is always perfect, sitting on the last bench gives precise an the best view of the entire classroom, with soothing comfort.




3. Backbenchers are way more productive and creative in terms of time management and extra-curricular skills than the first benchers, due to their active participation in every type of activity during the lectures.


4.  There is no restricted vision for the backbenchers, they are free to see anything on the earth during lectures. Whereas, first benchers are limited to the teacher’s sight only.


5. Backbenchers are the real champs. They are not just involved in classroom activities but everything they could do during that time. For instance; eating, sleeping, drawing, texting, social networking, or watching lame videos.


6. They are independent learners. If they are not understanding the subject’s lecture, they find themselves free to read and learn any other subject of their choice at the same time as the lecture.

7.  Last bench people are dudes. They are not anxious about anything like exams, class tests, surprise tests, and things, not because they are intelligent or hardworking enough but you know the reason, Why!


8. They are great commentators. No one can get a pardon from all those sarcastic comments and annoying remarks. You cannot find it out who was the real utterer of the statement.


9. Backbenchers are just not involved in basic time gossips but they are also masters with their opinions on debatable topics like global warming, politics, social issues, and things. Inside every backbencher, there is an extreme debater. 


10. Last bench people are the one, who creates the best of memories of the time. They got all the laughs, tears, words, and emotions forever, in the form of innocent remembrance.





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