Beginning from the moment when you got to know I am inside your womb would surely be relishing moment for you, but a blessing to me. The moment when I kicked you from inside would be very relieving for you, but happiness to me. You carried me for nine months with all those mood swings, with all the pain, with all the anxiety and with a hope that soon I’ll be your happiness.

It’s wasn’t just about me, it was about you:

The day when I entered this world, you held me up with eternal love. You always kept an eye on me when I began to crawl. You constantly encouraged me to be strong whenever I fell down. You always gleamed my life when I was scared of darkness. You held my fingers and made me stand. You taught me to walk, You taught me to eat, you taught me to stand, you taught me to even laugh. It’s not just about me. It’s about you.mother

You chose to be my mother and I chose you as my happiness:

You were just a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a wife and you chose to be a mother. You sacrificed your sleep so that I could sleep calmly. You sacrificed your dreams to raise me up. You sacrificed your ‘me time’ to teach me good etiquette. I always used to wait for you while returning from school to hug you tightly and that hug was the most soothing hug of my life. You always had to bear my tantrums in everything. And I still remember how you used to make stories to make me eat those veggies.

How could someone be so beautiful while scolding?  Yes, you scolded me a lot. But then made my favorite dishes. Yes, you said ‘no’ to my demands at times. But, to make me realize some valuable things in my life. You, you have always had issues with my low grades but also encouraged me to follow my dreams. Yes, at times it was difficult to understand you but you always tried your best to raise me up with the best life. When I used to study late at night, you were always ready with my ‘baadaam ka doodh’. When I used to cry for my unfulfilled fantasies, who taught me to earn them up.

One relation, one million Feelings:


You always taught me to be a warrior. You have always been my secret book. You have always been my cushion to sleep. You have always been my teacher so that I can be successful in my life. But most importantly, you have always been my mother who taught me the real meaning of life, who taught me the real worth of all the things I am blessed with, who taught me the real meaning of dreams that I have to chase and most importantly, who taught me the real meaning of myself and my strength that I can achieve anything in my life. I just wanted to say that you are my superman, my Cinderella, my video game partner, my secret keeper, and my rescuer.

Even Thank you felt short: Thank you for listening to all my tantrums and for encouraging me at every phase of my life. Thank you for giving your whole life to me without any demands and complaints. Thank you for believing in me when I myself lost all hope. Thank you for lighting up my life with real happiness. Thank you for raising me up like a fearless warrior and I promise that I’ll always be a warrior. I can’t be you and better than you. But I wish I would never let you down. Thank you for everything.

~Kanika Khatri



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