Travel for Life Summit

New Delhi is all set to hold the Travel for Life Summit this March. This will take place at Hotel Le- Méridien on March 8th, 2024. It will begin at 10 p.m. onwards. It hopes to set the stage for worldwide sustainable development in tourism and hospitality. This unique occasion is a partnership involving the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India, and the Hotel Association of India.

Travel for Life Summit Overview

The ‘Travel for Life’ Summit 2024 brings together innovation and teamwork. It brings attention to sustainability for an exciting look at the future of tourism. This event invites global leaders, industry pioneers, and passionate advocates. Together, they will join forces and shape a more sustainable tourism industry. The Ministry of Tourism spearheads this visionary program.

Expo at the Travel for Life Summit

The expo is a great attraction at this summit. People can check out new ideas and stories about sustainable tourism. It’ll show how sustainable practices can make a big difference. Moreover, there’ll be lots of different people to talk to and learn from. The summit will be a place where lots of ideas and creativity mix together.


However, what makes the ‘Travel for Life’ Summit stand out is its forward-looking vision. It’s not only about reducing the harmful effects of tourism. It emphasizes using the industry’s huge potential to bring about positive transformations. It’s about shaping a world where tourism not only sustains but also revitalizes.

Travel for Life initiative

The summit aims to position India as a top player in tourism and hospitality worldwide. Its primary focus lies in advocating for sustainable tourism methods. They aim to address economic, social, and environmental objectives.

An essential component of the summit is the “Travel for Life” initiative. It was initiated by the Ministry of Tourism. It is held under the Mission Life banner. This endeavor seeks to transform both tourist behavior and business practices within the tourism sector. This will be achieved by embedding sustainability across all aspects. The objective is to foster a tourism industry that is sustainable, accountable, and adaptable. It highlights significant shifts in behavior, environmental preservation, and efforts to combat climate change.

Sustainable Tourism Development

The summit is set against the backdrop of India’s G20 Presidency and the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration. It plans to bring together government officials, industry leaders, diplomats, international agencies, practitioners, and media representatives. This effort will be in accordance with the Goa Roadmap. It will hence integrate sustainability into tourism enterprises.

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The NDLD underscores the event’s significance by emphasizing the Goa Roadmap for Tourism. This roadmap charts a course for the sector to embrace green tourism, digital transformation, skill development, support for MSMEs, and effective destination management.

Key themes and objectives of the summit

The summit has several key themes and objectives. Firstly, it aims to promote sustainability within the tourism sector. It advocates for practices that ensure long-term viability and resilience. Secondly, it seeks to inspire and guide industry stakeholders. This is done by sharing case studies and success stories from around the world. Hence, encourage the adoption of sustainable tourism models. Additionally, the summit will propose actionable frameworks. This will be aligned with the Goa Roadmap to embed sustainability into tourism businesses. Lastly, there will be a significant focus on the role of technology and green investments. This will be underscored in achieving sustainable outcomes for the sector.


The “Tourism Sustainability Summit 2024” aims to drive global and national tourism towards sustainability. It brings together policymakers, industry leaders, advocates, and professionals. They will charts a new path for environmentally friendly, economically beneficial, and culturally enriching tourism. The summit commits to preserving the planet for future generations at the.

Venue: Le Meridien, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Timings: 10 p.m. onwards


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