DU's Special Degree

In a great move, DU scripted history during its 100th convocation ceremony. DU’s Special Degree puts mothers’ names on degree certificates. Over 100,000 students are bestowed with these distinctive certificates. Those were with security features reminiscent of currency notes. This shift aimed to celebrate mothers. And also to tackle the persistent issue of degree forgery.

Centenary Convocation: Tradition Meets Innovation

The grand centenary convocation was a blend of tradition and innovation. The students were draped in traditional Indian attire. They walked up the stage to receive their degrees. These degrees apart were the 17 security features. These were woven into the certificate. They surpassed the conventional practice and added an extra layer of protection.

A Noteworthy Departure: Inclusion of Mothers’ Names

A significant departure from the norm was the inclusion of mothers’ names on the degrees. It broke away from the conventional practice of mentioning only fathers’ names. This move not only challenges societal norms but also adds a personal touch to academic recognition. It acknowledged the role of mothers in students’ educational journeys.

Security Features: Beyond the Ordinary

The addition of currency-like security features to these degree certificates deserves commendation. The university has taken proactive steps to address these concerns. These are to stop the duplication and forgery of degrees. The Students, whose academic achievements are now documented with these distinct degrees. They are expressing their appreciation. It was for the efforts invested in ensuring the authenticity and security of their accomplishments.


Student Reactions: A Historic Moment

A proud recipient of a PhD from the history department. It expressed her elation at being part of this historic moment. For her, receiving a degree at the 100th convocation is akin to a dream coming true. She lauded the introduction of security features. It states that it alleviates concerns about IT security and the longevity of the degree.

A teaching faculty at Miranda House College echoed similar sentiments. She emphasizes that the initiative to secure degree certificates would prove beneficial. It is of benefit to the students in myriad ways. The appreciation underscores the positive reception of this transformative change. The appreciation came from both students and faculty.

Distinguished Guests and New Embellishments:

The convocation ceremony was graced by distinguished guests. The Vice President presided over the event serving as the chief guest. VP is also the Chancellor of Delhi University. The DU’s Special Degree certificates awarded during this ceremony were unique in their security features. They also showcased new embellishments. These changes included the prominent mention of students’ mothers’ names. It also had the inclusion of colored portraits. It will signify a departure from the conventional style.

Student Attire and Symbolic Emblems:

Adding to the visual spectacle were students adorned in traditional attire during the ceremony. Postgraduate students sported gold-bordered Angavastras. It represented their connection to cultural roots. The inclusion of university logos on these garments added aesthetic value. They also marked a symbolic gesture of institutional pride.

A Shift Towards Modernization:

These innovative changes in degree certificates underscore a broader shift towards modernization. It was a drive towards change within the university. The degree is incorporating currency-like security features. The Delhi University is aligning itself with contemporary measures to safeguard academic achievements.

Delhi University’s Dual Degree Model: A Revolution in Academic Horizon


In conclusion, the 100th convocation of Delhi University stands out as a landmark event. The DU’s Special Degree include mothers’ names on degree certificates, coupled with advanced security features is the drive for change. It reflects a commitment to innovation and a break from convention. The positive responses from students and faculty highlight the success of these changes. It will help in contributing to the value and integrity of academic accomplishments. As the first batch to receive such unique certificates. The students carry not just degrees but symbols of innovation and modernization. It’s a change for good in their future endeavors. This historic moment is not a celebration of academic achievements. It is also a testament to the evolving identity of Delhi University in the 21st century.



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