Shaheen Bagh in Delhi is like a magic land with lots of different foods to try. Let’s go on a delicious journey and find food to eat at Shaheen Bagh that make Shaheen Bagh special.

1. Tasty Meat Stew at Javed Famous Nahari

At Javed Famous Nahari, try a dish called Nalli Nihari. It’s like a special stew with soft meat and yummy gravy. They also add bone marrow, which makes it even tastier. People like to eat it with naan or rice.

2. Crunchy Chicken Samosas at Naseeb Restaurant

Naseeb Restaurant has Afghani Chicken Samosas. These are crispy on the outside and inside, there’s juicy chicken with spices. Imagine biting into a crunchy snack with lots of flavors!

3. Roll Up Chicken in Paratha at Kolkata Rolls

Kolkata Rolls has something called Chicken Kathi Rolls. It’s like a roll with soft paratha outside and inside, there’s tasty chicken with special spices. You can eat it while walking on the street!

4. Hot Tandoori Chicken at H.O.D Foods

At H.O.D Foods, try Tandoori Chicken Sizzler. They cook the chicken in a special oven called a tandoor. It comes to your table making sizzling sounds with yummy vegetables.


5. Mix Flavors in Turkish Kebab Platter at Ata Turk Restaurant

Go to Ata Turk Restaurant and try Turkish Kebab Platter. It has tasty meat on sticks and other yummy Turkish dishes. Everything together creates a big party of flavors!

6. Soft and Sweet Bread at Sikander Sheermal

At Sikander Sheermal, they make something soft and slightly sweet called Sheermaal. It’s like special bread that goes well with many dishes. It’s fluffy and has a little sweetness.

7. Strong Tea at Shayari Cafe

Shayari Cafe serves strong and good-smelling tea from Turkey. People like to drink it in small glasses. It’s hot and might be a little bitter, but you can add sugar to make it sweet.

8. Yummy Chicken with Rice at Hatim Tai

Hatim Tai has something from Yemen called Alfahm Chicken Mandi. The chicken is very tasty because they put special spices and cook it slowly. They serve it on rice that smells really good.

9. Special Biryani with Paya at The Grill

Try something special at The Grill called Degi Paya Biryani. It’s like biryani, but with tender paya meat. They cook it slowly, so it’s super delicious with fragrant rice and spices.

Shaheen Bagh is like a treasure of yummy foods. These dishes are like tasty adventures waiting for you. Explore the food to eat at Shaheen Bagh and enjoy the delicious flavors of Shaheen Bagh!

10. Lip-smacking Momo Delicacies at Tibet Corner

Head over to Tibet Corner for delightful momos. These little dumplings are filled with a tasty mix of vegetables or meat, steamed to perfection. Dip them in spicy sauce for an explosion of flavors!

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11. Fluffy and Light Jalebis at Gokul Sweets

Gokul Sweets offers a sweet treat with their Jalebis. These golden spirals are sweet, fluffy, and utterly delicious. They make for a perfect dessert or a sugary snack during your food adventure.

12. Refreshing Lemonades at Shaheen Bagh Coolers

Quench your thirst with a refreshing lemonade from Shaheen Bagh Coolers. Sip on the tangy goodness as you explore the food delights. It’s a perfect way to balance all the flavors.

13. Spicy Chaat at Raju Chaat Corner

For a burst of spicy flavors, try the chaat at Raju Chaat Corner. Crunchy, tangy, and spicy, this popular street food will tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

14. Creamy Kulfi at Billo Di Hatti

Indulge in a sweet ending with the creamy goodness of Kulfi at Billo Di Hatti. These traditional Indian ice cream treats come in various flavors and are a delightful way to conclude your food journey.

15. Satisfying Lassi at Pind Lassi Wale

Pind Lassi Wale serves up satisfying glasses of Lassi. This cool and creamy yogurt-based drink is perfect to refresh yourself after indulging in the diverse and tasty offerings of Shaheen Bagh.

Shaheen Bagh’s food adventure continues to unfold with these additional delightful treats. From savory to sweet, each dish adds a unique flavor to your culinary exploration in this magical food haven!



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