Freshers often wonder about the best cafes near Delhi University as the area is a food hub. Along with studies, DU is well known for the famous cafes and food hubs near it. College life is all about spending time in canteens, roaming near the college, and trying out all the famous cafes and food hubs nearby. So, some cafes have become the go-to spot for students. But, for DU Freshers it is hard to decide which are the best ones and even pocket-friendly amidst the plethora of eateries. Hence, here are the 6 best cafes near Delhi University, from both the north and south campus.

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6 Best cafes near Delhi University  North Campus :

Here is the list of the 6 famous cafes and food hubs near Delhi University’s North Campus. Also, these places can be visited frequently as they are budget and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point

Who doesn’t like Maggi? Maggi is a student’s best friend for sure. Thus, to escape the boring hostel food, students look up to Maggi. It is filling, tasty, easy to make, and the best budget-friendly food item. DU’s north campus has Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point that serves a whopping 50 varieties of Maggi. People all over Delhi love this place and a fresher definitely needs to check off Tom Uncle’s Maggi from their food bucket list.

tom uncle maggi

Location: Near Ramjas College, North Campus DU, Maurice Nagar Chowk, GTB Nagar.

Must-Try: Masala Maggi (Cost- Rs. 50), Cheese Masala Maggi (Cost Rs. 50)

Other dishes: Pasta, BhelPuri, sandwiches, Drinks, and more.

  • Cafeteria and Co

If a student wants to witness a proper cafe vibe under budget, this place is amazing. Thus, Cafeteria and Co have their own vibe with good music, stunning ambiance, and finger-smacking food. Also, it is an amazing place for fish lovers as the seafood here is worth every penny. All this makes it one of the best cafes near Delhi University.

cafeteria and co

Location: G-14, Hudson Lane, Block G, Vijay Nagar.

Must-Try: Fish Fingers (Cost Rs. 199), Burgers

  • Bille Di Hatti

Bille Di Hatti is well known for its filling breakfast of hot chole-puri along with some chilled creamy lassi. The age-old famous food join is always crowded and was started in 1952. Also, the gulab jamun here is famous all over Delhi. Thus, the place is ridiculously inexpensive and a cult favorite of students.

Location: 72-D, Kamla Nagar, Delhi.

Must-Try: Puri chhole (Cost Rs. 60), Lassi (Cost Rs. 60), Gulab Jamun (Cost Rs. 40)

best cafes near Delhi University

  • Chache Di Hatti

Bustling with a crowd, this place is known for its amazing Chole Bhature. So, Chache Di Hatti serves flavourful chole, loaded with spices along with a piece of potato in it. Also, their bhature are equally good, i.e. fluffy, non-greasy, and scrumptious. The food is accompanied by a perfectly tangy chutney.

Location: D-33, Block G, Kamla Nagar, Delhi

Must-Try: Chole Bhature, Aloo Bhature

  • Yolo 21:

All the dessert lovers, Yolo 21 is a place for you. The banoffee pie and the milkshakes at Yolo 21 make it one of the best cafes near Delhi University. Also, the cafe serves amazing dishes and has a variety of cuisine ranging from Italian to continental.

Location: 522, Ground Floor Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, Delhi.

Must-Try: Banoffee Pie (Cost Rs 100), Chunkey Monkey Shake (Cost Rs. 130)

  • Ricos

Ricos has very chill college canteen-type vibes. Hence, the rustic Interiors, graffiti walls, and lots of bookshelves make it one of the best cafes near Delhi University north campus. But, the famous food hub is always crowded with long queues during lunch hours.

best cafes near Delhi University

Location: 2526, above CCD, Hudson Lane, Delhi

Must-try: White Wine Risotto, Caesar Salad, Waffle Sundae

6 Best Cafes near Delhi University south campus:

Along with the North campus, the South campus of DU also has many famous colleges. Thus, students from all over India enroll in these colleges and stay nearby. Hence, their hunt for good as well as affordable food starts here. So, here is the list of the 6 best cafes near Delhi University south campus. These are the most famous and iconic ones. Hence, each DU freshman needs to cross it off their food bucket list.

  • Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door aka BYD is every south campus student forever loves. The well-designed interiors, the bright yellow door, and the green plants are definitely going to remind people of some exquisite cafe of Hauz Khas. Hence, one word for Big Yellow Door is “aesthetic”. As for dishes, Indian, Continental, and Italian delicacies are available. Thus, BYD offers it all – pasta, pizzas, burgers, wraps, shakes, and their signature burgers that can definitely spoil your taste.

best cafes near Delhi University

Location: H 8, Opposite Venky College, Satya Niketan

Must-try: Pasta, Burger

  • Chowringhee

Nothing can beat a fully loaded roll when a hunger pang strikes. Thus, the roles at Chowringhee are scrummy, saucy, perfectly flavored, and most importantly affordable. Also, the Kathi roles at this place can make your soul go to heaven. So, the cheap prices and filling roles attract students all over the south campus.

Location: 93, opposite Venkateswara College, Satya Niketan, Delhi

Must-try: Butter Chicken roll (Cost Rs. 120), Momos (Cost- Rs 70), Kathi Rolls


  • Diggin South Campus

Diggin cafe is the epitome of aesthetics and picturesque. Thus, with an alluring decor, the cafe is perfect for all the Instagram-appropriate pictures. Diggin has old-school brick architecture, outdoor seating, and much more. Also, situated at Green Park, the cafe is away from the hustle-bustle of other cafes. So, it is one of the best cafes near Delhi University south campus and a cult favorite weekend place. The pesto pepperoni pizza, chicken overloaded pizza, and other pizzas are finger-licking amazing. It had oodles of mozzarella, tender roasted chicken, tangy tomatoes, and many other Ingredients. Also, the menu is exotic with prawns, lamb, and a variety of food.

Location: Near Green Park Metro Station, close to Gargi College

Must-Try: Belgian Chocolate Shake (Cost Rs. 225), Pizzas (starting at Rs. 400)

  • QDs Restaurant

This place is well known for its amazing and delectable food. Also, the momos here, especially the tandoori momos are a must-eat. Hence, QDs has an amazing environment for all the tired souls who are done with their daily classes. The food here will definitely fill you up and rejuvenate souls. Ranging from light snacks to full-fledged meals, QDs got it all covered.

Location: Satya Niketan, Durgabai Deshmukh metro station, Delhi

Must-try: Momos (Costs Rs. 200 approximately), Rolls.

  • Mom Hand Momos

Delhi is well known for its variety of delicious momos. Thus, hands down, Mom Hand momos serves the most delicious and affordable momos in the entire south campus. Also, this place is student’s best friend because the forever broke students can easily eat here. The creamy gravy momos here are a cult favorite with thick creamy gravy, crispy momos, and lots of stuffings. Also, mom hand momos have a variety of other dishes like chilly potatoes, fries, noodles, and much more that are equally good. So, all the momo lovers need to visit as it is one of the best cafes near Delhi University south campus.

best cafes near Delhi University

Location: Satya Niketan, opposite Venky college.

Must-Try: Gravy Momos (Costs Rs 100), Tandoori Momos

  • WoodBox Cafe

This cafe is a go-to place for amazing platters. Thus, the humongous Herbivore Platter is a dream for vegetarians and also the Ni Hao platter is for all Chinese lovers. Also, the big jars of shakes here are breathtaking and fulfilling. No foodie can dare miss the frothy Black Forest Cake Shake served here.

Location: Satya Niketan, opposite Venkateswara College

Must-Try: Platters




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