Late Submission Fees at DU

There’s the center of controversy emerged due to Late Submission Fees at DU. This has sparked criticism from students and FORDA. Also, the Federation of Resident Doctors Association (FORDA) is criticizing. The university’s decision to charge Rs 1000 per day for late submissions in certain courses has triggered a wave of discontent. It is leading to accusations of financial exploitation and mismanagement.

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Revised Payment and Examination Fees Raise Eyebrows

In a move that has added fuel to the fire, Delhi University has approved a revision in payment, examination fees, and TA/DA for examinations. This decision has not gone unnoticed. It is drawing attention to the financial adjustments made within the academic structure. While the university claims the changes are necessary. The student body, along with FORDA, questions the timing and transparency of these modifications.

The Federation of Resident Doctors Association’s allegations are of corruption and mismanagement. It underscores the depth of discontent among students. The association’s decision to involve top government officials reflects the urgency. It attributes to resolving these issues. As this controversy unfolds, it brings to light the complex interplay between academic institutions, students, and the financial burden they carry. The outcome of this situation remains uncertain. But it has sparked a crucial dialogue on the ethicality of financial practices within educational institutions.

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Outcry Over Late Thesis Submission Fees

The heart of the controversy lies in the late thesis submission fees for Ms, MD, DM, and MX courses. The university’s decision to impose a penalty of Rs 1000 per day for late submissions has triggered a strong reaction from students. FORDA, in particular, has labeled it as “gross MIS Management.” It has accused the university of exploiting postgraduate medical residents. It is extracting exorbitant amounts in the name of late fees.

The Federation of Resident Doctors Association has expressed concern about this. It is about the burden placed on students. It is highlighting instances where second and third-year fees are demanded. FORDA argues that these practices amount to financial exploitation. The fees collected well in advance of corresponding academic milestones. The association claims that the university’s actions have raised serious ethical questions. It is leading to a broader discussion about the financial strain on medical students.

FORDA’s Allegations and Plea for Intervention

FORDA has taken a bold step by criticizing Delhi University’s policies. It has led to alleged corruption and mismanagement. The association has not only raised concerns but has also taken its grievances to the highest authorities. The organization has tagged many accounts. The President of India, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the Ministry of Health, and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The association accuses the university of making false promises. Also it is resorting to extortion tactics during the thesis submission process.

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FORDA’s detailed expose outlines several instances. The students were allegedly coerced into paying fees under the threat. They were jeopardized with their academic progress. The association’s message to the highest offices of the country is clear. It is a plea for intervention and a thorough investigation. It perceives as corruption and maladministration within Delhi University.

Conclusion: Unraveling the Controversy

In conclusion, the recent developments has sparked debate on Late Submission Fees at DU. The sharp increase in late thesis submission fees, have raised eyebrows and triggered a series of accusations. It has been raised from the student body and FORDA. The revised payment and examination fees, coupled with the alleged premature demands for later years’ fees. These have intensified the scrutiny on the university’s financial practices.



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