SBSC Principal Complaint Against DUSU President Tushar Dedha

SBSC (Evening) Principal lodged a complaint against DUSU President Tushar Dedha on February 23, 2024. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College is a college under the University of Delhi. Located in Sheikh Sarai, it is a south campus college. SBSC Principal Arun Kumar Attree complained against DUSU President Tushar Dedha. This was following his misbehavior with the staff. The college alleges that Tushar Dedha, barged into a classroom on February 23. He then assaulted an assistant professor at the college.

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Allegations against DUSU President Tushar Dedha

The principal of Delhi University’s SBSC has lodged a complaint with the university. The complaint alleges that Tushar Dedha, the President of the DU Students’ Union (DUSU), forcibly entered a classroom. He then assaulted a teacher. In response, the student leader has filed a counter-complaint. He claims that he faced derogatory and casteist remarks. This was reported by PTI.

Incident Details and Viral Video

This incident occurred on Friday, February 23. A video has since gone viral on social media. It reportedly depicts Dedha accompanied by a group of students. They are involved in a heated argument with Professor Jeetendra Kumar. This was during his lecture in the afternoon. The situation escalated into violence. This prompted intervention from college security.

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Response from Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Evening) College

Kumar informed PTI that he had already communicated with the college administration. He is awaiting appropriate measures from the university. Further, he clarified that his stance was generic. It was not directed against any particular individual or organization. However, he emphasized that such behaviors should not be condoned on campus.

Principal Arun Kumar Attree has addressed Director Sriprakash Singh of South Campus for the same. He urged his acknowledgment of the incident. He expects the initiation of essential measures against such instances. Especially against students engaged in “trespassing, misconduct, and assaulting the teacher.

College Complaint Against DUSU President Tushar Dedha

On February 23, 2024, we received a complaint from Jeetendra Kumar, Assistant Professor of SBSC Evening. He teaches in the Department of Political Science. The complaint was regarding an incident during his 4:15 pm class. According to the complaint, students, including DUSU president Tushar Dedha, entered the classroom without authorization to speak with students. The college has permitted only two DUSU representatives into the classroom. However, a large group entered. They indulged in misbehavior and physical altercations with the teacher. Additionally, security personnel who intervened were also reportedly assaulted.

Attree informed PTI that both students and faculty members at the college are disturbed by the incident. They are calling for legal measures against Dedha and his companions. According to the letter, the college’s staff association, along with students who witnessed the event, have lodged a complaint against the DUSU president with the principal. Attree further mentioned that, as of yet, the university administration has not responded to the college’s letter dated February 23.

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Dedha’s Counter-Complaint

At the same time, Dedha has written a letter to DU Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh. He has alleged that he was prevented from addressing students. He claimed to have faced casteist remarks from Kumar. This was during a campus visit campaign to address student issues.

According to Dedha, when he asked Professor Kumar for permission to enter the classroom and interact with students, Kumar allegedly acted inappropriately. He issued threats and tried to stop Dedha from speaking to the students. Dedha also claimed that Kumar attempted to incite the students against him. He encouraged them to use derogatory and casteist language. Dedha asserted that security personnel and non-teaching staff were present in the classroom. They were involved in the altercation.

Dedha expressed concern that Attree had interfered in the situation intentionally. He wanted to undermine the students’ union’s operations within the college. He called for action to be taken against both the teacher and the principal of the college, as reported by PTI.

Response from Personnels at other Universities and Student Unions

DUTA President A. K. Bhagi condemned the incident. He said that the Delhi University Teachers’ Association rejects any violence against teachers. This was mentioned to the PTI. He advocated for dialogue to resolve conflicts.

Abha Dev Habib, Secretary of the Democratic Teachers’ Front, criticized the ABVP-led DUSU. He alleged that they have repeatedly engaged in vandalism and hooliganism on campus. They enjoy immunity due to their affiliation with the ruling party. She urged the university administration to take action against the student union.

Left-affiliated students’ unions, including DUSFI and AISA, have also criticized the incident. They demand the suspension of Dedha from his post.



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