DU Student Stabbed: Campus Community Calls for Safety Measures
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A scary thing happened near Delhi University. A DU student stabbed in daylight. People are worried about students’ safety now. They saw a video of the attack, and it made them scared. Students and teachers are talking a lot about what happened and how to stay safe.

Call for Self-Defence Workshops

Students want to learn how to protect themselves. They say everyone should learn self-defence to stay safe. They think it’s important to know what to do if someone tries to hurt them. They want the workshops to be for everyone, so no one feels scared.

Working Together

The police and colleges are teaming up to teach self-defence. They want to keep students safe. They are talking about where and when to have the workshops. They hope lots of students will come and learn how to protect themselves.

Colleges Helping Out

Some colleges are joining in too. They know safety is important. They are helping to organize the workshops and tell students about them. They want to make sure all students know how to stay safe on campus.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Colleges want to make sure everyone feels safe. They are doing many things to help. They have security guards and cameras to watch over the campus. They also have counselors to talk to if students feel scared or upset.

Students Speak Up

Students are saying they need good teachers to learn from. They want more people to join the classes too. They think it’s important for everyone to know how to protect themselves. They want to feel safe when they go to class or walk around campus.


Making Sure Things are Safe

Everyone wants the campus to be safe. They are doing everything they can to make it happen. They are talking about making more street lights and having security guards patrolling at night. They want students to know they are working hard to keep them safe.

Advice from Experts

A police officer is giving tips to stay safe. They know a lot about protecting people. They say it’s important to walk in well-lit areas and avoid going out alone at night. They also teach students how to defend themselves if someone tries to hurt them.

Focusing on Women’s Safety

Colleges are talking more about keeping girls safe. They want everyone to feel okay on campus. They are having workshops specifically for girls to learn how to protect themselves. They are also talking about how everyone can help prevent violence against girls.

In Conclusion

Something scary happened a DU student stabbed, but now people are working together to make things better. They want everyone to be safe at Delhi University. They hope the workshops will teach students how to protect themselves. They also want everyone to know they are there to help if anyone feels scared or threatened.



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