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On a Friday evening at Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi, something upsetting happened. It was around 8:25 pm near gate number 3 of the university. The place where JMI students clash happen. Two students who are studying there now and one more person got hurt. They were not feeling well because of a fight. This made the atmosphere not so good, like when there’s a dark cloud in the sky.

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Police Help and Serious Actions

The police came quickly to stop the fight. They are like the helpers who make sure everyone is safe. When three people got hurt, the police didn’t ignore it. They are taking it very seriously. It’s like when someone breaks a rule, and they have to listen to their teacher. The police made a special rule case under section 308 of the law. This is a big deal because it means the people who did this will have to face the consequences. It’s similar to when you have to face the consequences of not doing your homework.

Quick Help and Going to the Hospital

When the police came to the place where the fight happened, they saw many people just watching. Some people were scared, and some were curious. Later, the police found out that three people who got hurt went to AIIMS Trauma Centre and Holy Family Hospital for help. It’s like when you fall down and get a bruise, but these people needed more help. The police also made a special paper called a First Information Report (FIR). It’s like when you write down what happened in your diary, but the police write it down to remember. They are making sure that everyone knows what happened.


Finding Out Why and Stopping It Again

The police are like detectives trying to find out why the JMI students clash happened. They talked to people and asked questions. They found out that the fight started because of small problems between students. It’s like when friends argue about who gets to play with a toy. But this became worse because people who didn’t go to the university got involved. To stop this from happening again, the university is now saying people from outside can’t come in. It’s like when you have a special club, and only members can enter. They are doing this to keep everyone safe and happy.

Other Places Having Problems Too

This kind of problem is not only at Jamia Millia Islamia University. At another university in Delhi called Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), there was a fight too. Three students got hurt because of problems between different student groups. It’s like when people in different teams don’t agree on how to play a game. This happened because they didn’t agree on how to choose people for some jobs in the School of Languages. It’s like when you and your friends argue about who should be the leader in your game. These problems happen in other places too, not just at one school.

The End: Making University Safe and Happy

In the end, it’s important to find out why these things happen and stop them from happening again. We want the university to be a safe and happy place for everyone to learn and be together. The police and the university are working hard to make sure we all stay safe. It’s like when everyone in your school works together to make it a nice place for everyone. They are like the superheroes making sure everyone is happy and safe.



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