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Few days left in college, for all final year students life is changing. With beautiful memories and overwhelming experience, it’s a new beginning with bunch of approaching surprises, so this happy ending deserves a celebration. These are the things you must do before leaving your college.

Capture everything in your lens-

Special moments that are going to be with you in your memories for the whole life time. So, just let everything go and capture the moments.



Plan a college trip-

Plan to go at least once in your final semester because it is the last time you are together, you never know when is the next time you guys are going to be together again.


Friendship is what matters-

Make your close friends closer and new friends close because later when you reminisce together, it will be fun to recall the memories and the moments you shared.



Gift your favorite teachers

These are the people who are your favorite, whom you think are cool enough to be in your ‘cool’ teachers list. These are the people who helped you in your journey and never asked for anything in return. So, give them a smile before you go by gifting them something they adore.

Make it PARTY! –

Before you go, make the final semester a PARTY semester because after this either you will be working or are going to be in a totally new environment. So, bring out your moves and groove on the beat whole semester.


If you have a crush, talk to them-

It’s your final year, put yourself together and talk to them because you don’t know if your luck offers you, your desire. And you will be having no regrets, when you leave the college and you never know, maybe you leave your college with your life companion.

Make birthdays big-

You know it’s the last time you are celebrating your friend’s birthday in your college life so, make it worth a mark in your memory. As its your friends last birthday in college, gift them something which they keep with themselves forever. Do not forget to party hard on their treat.

Scribble Day-

This day will be a memorable day for all your life so,  when the scribble day arrives, write the best you can and the funniest you can so that in future when they will read the scribbles they come up with a smile and glimpse of sentiment and say ‘kya likha hai yaar’.


It’s a new beginning-

If you feel that it is the end of everything then you are wrong, it is just the beginning of new endeavor. You may feel nostalgic and numb in the final moment, if you do just let it go. Because this will resultantly add up to your memory box. No matter how much you hated your college for nothing, you will fall in love with your college in your final days and the people around you are going to feel like family. So, just live the moment and make it a happy ending.

Last Forever (FAREWELL DAY)-

The day when you dress up, gear up and head to your college officially for one last time. Its arrivederci and not a simple goodbye. Make videos with your friends, pictures that are going to be played and many more things. Gather all the funny memories on a piece of paper and shoot everything on the final day and make your friends realize how special they are to you. Plan on giving your friends a farewell gift, not for just the sake of it but to tell them that ‘this is just the beginning’.

By- Niharika Sonkar




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