NDTV 24*7 at ARSD college (Dhoula Kuan)


A half hour discussion based show called AGENDA aired live on NDTV 24*7 from ARSD college (Dhoula Kuan) at 7 pm on 26th April, anchored by Sunetra Choudhary. There was a panel discussion on MCD elections results in which some big political parties memebers from AAP, Congress, BJP participated. Students of ARSD college also got a chance to put their views forward on election results and their beliefs on parties and leaders.

They talked about some serious issues like cleanliness and dengue. As aware young minds, the students raised question concerning one of the most important issues today i.e. regarding the cleanliness and safety of the environment. Which is a important duty for MCD. Members talk about what they have done in Delhi for people. BJP member said they will try to solve Delhi people problems.

By- Vandana Prajapati


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