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‘Delhi University’ is always subjected to the question of being overrated. After twelfth for at least once the name of university resonates in your head. But what actually getting in college of DU is? This institution takes your three years of life but what in return you get? Do all the expectations get broken? Or it is above satisfactory level? Whether it is overhyped or not, the following factors can help you a lot to judge the university yourself-

1) Recognition

Delhi University is one of the most recognized universities worldwide and one of the largest universities in country that enlightens lakhs of students every year. 77 colleges comes under Delhi university with 86 academic departments and 16 faculties .Students from all over India get admission in this University. The name of Delhi University is enough to add a lot of value to your education.

2) Infrastructure

 Delhi university might not have the best infra structures like other private universities  but it is still  in very good condition .Most of colleges under  Delhi university are full of beautiful gardens, well maintained buildings ,equipped with all kind of labs and Wi-Fi facility .Though most of student complaints for lack of infrastructure  and old buildings . That even seems true when some over populated colleges make students to sit in gardens or corridors for giving exams. Even lack of hostel facility is one of the big problems.

3) Affordable education

Delhi University has made higher education affordable for average class. Where private institutions ask for lack per year Delhi University offers you the same course in the minimal fee. Beside that, the ambience you get is no less in any way and the facility of canteens in low price is appreciated a lot in between students.

4) Opportunity to showcase Talents

Delhi University very well knows how to find a hidden gem. It gives a big platform to student for brushing up their talent and takes it to next level. The numbers of societies and clubs in Delhi University   help them to discover their hidden talent through various intercollege or intercollege competitions and embrace them. Be it Singing, Dramatics, Dancing, Fashion designing, sports or politics etc. If you wish to be great leader then Delhi University is the one to start with!

5) Inspiration is everywhere

Delhi University is the home of inspiration. From Amitabh Bacchan to Shahrukh Khan, From Arun Jaitely to Kiran Bedi. A lot of celebrities and politicians have been the part of Delhi University which are youth’s inspiration today and so the coming generation student will.


6) Education Quality

Beside the Highly educated faculty with the brilliant minds of professors, students are not satisfied with the curriculum. The knowledge imparted here is totally theoretical without any practical use. Though colleges are equipped with science labs and computer labs yet   the education quality is not up to the mark.

7) Average IQ

Admission in Delhi University is entirely depend on 12th marks ending up with a rat race situation  i.e. you have to score more than 90% to get satisfactory course and college either by hook or crook unlike other intuition where entrance exam help for picking up the cream layer. Most of students are not able to get the course of their choice but due to the esteemed name they chose some unknown course and so they get caged in wrong world. Henceforth it affect it average IQ level of the students.

8) Exotic Fests

Fests are the sole reason which makes Delhi University exotic. The trend of inviting famous celebrities to add lives in fest has always gained attention and adds recreation to the life of Duites.


9) Career & Job opportunities

The bitter reality is that Delhi University hardly gives career and job opportunities.  Except few famous college of Delhi university job placement or the post is not satisfactory. In spite of so many plus points the condition of University becomes lethal here.


10) Diverse Nature

The diverse nature of students is one of the characteristics of this University. Students from all over the country take admission here and so you can encounter disparate ideas, lives, beliefs, cultures and personalities. Definitely a change is witnessed in thought processing and lifestyles.

By Anushikha Chaudhary


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