Why Deodorant is important for you in summer days?


“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are chirping, and you are around a beach or peacefully continuing your hobby” but sadly summers are sometimes sweltering and scorching. The days just make you sweaty and you wish for a cold bath again and again. One can understand how it feels when you stand beside an odorant person in summers.  Start your preparation with Deodorant to survive in such days. Here is why ‘Deodorant’ becomes much important for you in summer days!

1. Kill bacteria

 Sweating is the natural phenomena in humans for keeping the body cool and prevent it from overheating in a warm environment. The tendency to sweat naturally increases in summer days and so the growth of bacteria under armpit or feet.  Deodorant helps a lot in killing those bacteria.

2. ‘That unpleasant odour!’

That unpleasant odour of your body caused by sweating, most of the time become the reason of your embarrassment. Body odour is caused by bacteria on your skin when they break sweat into acid. Deodorant helps in expelling that unpleasant smell.

3. Use for fragrance

Deodorant can be applied for a little fragrance that will not just eliminate body odour but will keep you cool with a good smell. It will just not make you feel revive but also please people around you.

4. And if you sweat more…

Every person have different tendency to sweat. Some people sweat more than others. Most of the deodorants come with antiperspirants like aluminium that form a plug in the pores preventing moisture from reaching the surface. Though sweating is necessary for human as it helps in removing toxic substance from a body but in case you have to go for something important you can use such deodorants.

5. Make you feel fresh

A good shower in morning make you feel pristine and if you wear a good smelling deodorant after it, it will freshen up for the whole day and make you active. Even people who go to gym for exercise should necessarily take a bath after workout and use Deodorant to get alive.

6. Especially when days are humid

Humidity is the worst thing in summer to experience as all the time you feel sticky due to the moisture on the skin which do not dry. Even taking bath twice a day does not help much. So use deodorant, it can help a bit in this since they prevent pores from excess sweating.

Anushika Chaudhary


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