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Delhi University, is a name in the country, in which every after-school kid wants to get admission in. For some it’s a dream, for some it’s the aim and for some it’s the safe option left. In case you are landed in the course, then get ready to have an exposure to almost every subject of commerce with a pinch of literature in every semester. Coming points are a nostalgic treat for those who have passed out, and an intro for the coming to be newbees !

1.Undue sympathies

“Taking admission in a program course, won’t obstruct you to you to touch heights, whatever honors people can do, you can also try your hands in and bla bla! .. This is a common dialogue which we people hear! I mean, hell man! We know that…don’t defame such a good course!


2. Khelne Khane ke din:

First semester subjects provide you the space to get accustomed to the new college life, as every subject is all what you have already studied in school! So no need to pay a heed! We are the scholars already!


3. Ten year is the Bible:

In this course, ten years of satish brother is the holy book of the devotees! Buying a book is an option, but ten year, comes under the basic physiological need of the Maslow hierarchy!




4. Income tax, the most flauntable subject of the program:

It’s one of the lengthiest subject of and we are proud enough that we have studied it, as no one can better explain salary income better than us( 2 months lecture on the same topic), and itz the best one to show case our knowledge the moment, bill arrives on the table with 12.5% VAT, and 15% service tax!

5. DU placements, a trap:

On the name of placements, companies at DU offers job of data entry as no professional skill is induced in the students during the college days… Except some lucky onez, the remaining sheeps get the dry grass, which looks appealing on the first gaze!


6. Language subjects, the savior:

Literature carries the blame of low percentage as language subject teachers are given low inked pen to give marks in the sheet! But sometimes, language also pays off, when the practical subjects deceive!




7. Paisa Paisa:


Be it SRCC or shaheed sukhdev college of business studies, commerce fests at every college are the highest rewarding one! You can win thousands of bucks if strategize well and use your commerce skull!

8. Just the first step:

For a commerce champ, is just the first step towards framing the career. Corporate world won’t accept you for your all-round performance or just making a perfect excel sheet, it looks for a lot more! So, if it’s your last year, start looking for the next new home!

By- Surbhi Agarwal , Daulat Ram College



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