DU WiFi Network Project

Delhi University embarks on an ambitious DU WiFi Network Project across college campuses. DU announces plans to establish a comprehensive WiFi network spanning across all its college campuses. It allocates a substantial ₹67.71 crore budget for the ambitious DU WiFi Network Project.

DU WiFi Network Project Overview

An official document states that approximately 90 DU colleges will have the WiFi network installed. It includes both the north and south campuses of Delhi University. It will also include the Dhaka Hostel complex. The University of Delhi has designated a budget of ₹67.71 crore for the establishments. The university plans to install the WiFi network project throughout its college campuses. It is inclusive of an upcoming girls’ hostel situated in Mukherjee Nagar in northwest Delhi.

Funding of the Project

The project’s implementation will finance through a loan corpus of ₹938.33 crore. The university obtained this loan from the Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA). It was acquired in October of the previous year. The loan is intended to fund multiple developmental endeavors.

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HEFA has approved a portion of ₹261.33 crore from this fund. The approval is for the establishment of the WiFi network. It is also for the commencement of construction on a building designated for the Faculty of Technology.

Delhi University’s HEFA Loan

HEFA is a joint venture between Canara Bank and the Ministry of Education. It provides financial assistance. This aid is for the creation of educational infrastructure and research facilities in India’s premier educational institutions.

In 2022, Delhi University sought a HEFA loan to fulfill its infrastructural requirements. An amount of Rs 938.33 crore was issued as a loan corpus. Additionally, it was used for expansion initiatives. These initiatives encompass three main components. The first involves establishing DU’s east Delhi campus in Surajmal Vihar. The second entails inaugurating a new college in Najafgarh. The third focuses on other pertinent projects.

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The agency has additionally sanctioned proposals for five other projects to receive funding from the HEFA loan. Once the funds are allocated, work on these projects will commence.



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