Health Crisis at DU's Venkateswara College Hostel : A Call for Immediate Action

The student residents of SVC Hostel at Sri Venkateswara College face a serious health crisis. Over the past twelve months, many students have fallen ill. They suffer from food and waterborne diseases like typhoid and jaundice. Many others report constant stomach aches, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. This situation endangers the well-being of the students.

Impact on Health and Academics

The ongoing health issues at Venkateswara College hostel affect students’ academic performance. When students feel sick, they cannot focus on their studies. This leads to poor grades and missed opportunities. Their overall quality of life declines. Despite these problems, the hostel administration has not taken effective action. The principal and warden remain unresponsive to the complaints.

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Declining Food Standards and Waste

The quality of food at the hostel mess has dropped significantly. Students prefer not to eat there, which leads to massive food waste. Even though students look for other food options, they still have to pay the full mess fee. Many students opt for monthly tiffin services, adding to their financial burden.

Survey and Medical Reports

To highlight the severity of the issue, the students conducted a survey. The survey results are alarming and show widespread health issues. Many students also submitted medical reports. These reports detail their illnesses and request partial reimbursement. Despite this clear evidence, no action has been taken.

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Escalation and Warden’s Inaction

Recently, the situation took a turn for the worse. A local guardian of a sick student threatened the hostel cook and security guards. The guardian demanded immediate action from the warden. Shockingly, the warden responded with, “Handle it yourself.” He failed to provide support to the distressed students. Only after a long delay did the warden call for police protection. This delay worsened the students’ distress and made them feel unsafe.

Intervention by DUSU President

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the DUSU President decided to investigate. He plans to visit the hostel on 17th May 2024 at 1 pm. The students hope his intervention will bring about positive changes. They need immediate solutions to their health problems.

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Need for Media Attention

The students urgently request media coverage of this issue. They believe that media attention can pressure the hostel administration to act. Highlighting the negligence and incompetence of the administration is crucial. This can lead to necessary reforms to protect the students’ health and safety.

Conclusion : A Call for Action

The health crisis at SVC Hostel requires immediate attention. The students’ well-being, academic success, and overall quality of life are at stake. The hostel administration’s failure to act has left students feeling vulnerable. With the DUSU President’s involvement and media coverage, the students hope for positive change. They urge everyone to support their cause and ensure a safe living environment in the college campus.



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