Viksit Bharat Run : Empowerment Exercise or Political Parade?

Over 5,000 students from Delhi University joined the ‘Run for Viksit Bharat’ to encourage voting in the Lok Sabha elections. Some teachers and the Congress party disagreed, but the run went on as planned.

Why the Run Happened

The run was part of a plan called ‘Viksit Bharat’ started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It wants India to become a better country by 2047, our 100th Independence Day. This initiative aims to inspire young people to actively participate in shaping the nation’s future through voting and civic engagement.

What Happened at the Run

Starting from Gate No. 1, students ran 2.5 kilometers, passing Gate No. 4, and ended at the sports area. The route was lined with banners and posters encouraging voter turnout and emphasizing the importance of civic duty.

What Some People Didn’t Like

Teacher Maya John said the event was political, supporting the BJP. The Congress party also said it broke rules. They argued that educational institutions should remain neutral and not be used for political agendas.

What They Said About It

The Congress party asked the Election Commission to stop the run. But it happened anyway. Despite the objections, the university administration proceeded with the event, citing it as a non-political initiative aimed at promoting voter awareness among students.

Who Came to the Run

Famous people like Saina Nehwal and Rajkumar Rao were there. The university leader, Yogesh Singh, told everyone to vote and make India better. Their presence added star power to the event, drawing more attention to the importance of voting in nation-building.

The Controversy Continues

Despite objections, the run wasn’t canceled. Some people think it was wrong to mix politics with university events. However, others argue that promoting civic engagement among students is essential for a healthy democracy and should be encouraged.


The Importance of Voting

Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh said voting is crucial for democracy. He wants everyone to play a part in making India better. His words resonated with the participants, who pledged to exercise their right to vote responsibly in the upcoming elections.

What Happens Next

The run might lead to more discussions about politics and education. People will watch to see if it makes a difference in the elections. Regardless of the outcome, the event served as a platform for dialogue and reflection on the role of youth in shaping the nation’s future.

Impact on Student Awareness

The run sparked discussions among students about the political process and their role in it. Many pledged to research candidates and vote responsibly. This event not only promoted voter turnout but also encouraged informed decision-making among young voters.

Calls for Transparency

Some students demanded transparency regarding the event’s organization and funding. They urged the university to provide details about its collaboration with external bodies. This highlights the importance of transparency in all activities, especially those involving educational institutions and political initiatives.

Unity in Diversity

Despite political differences, students from various backgrounds came together for a common cause: to promote civic engagement. This event showcased the unity and diversity among the student community, emphasizing the shared goal of building a better future for India.

Continued Engagement

The success of the ‘Run for Viksit Bharat’ has prompted discussions about organizing similar events in other universities across the country. This indicates a growing interest among young people in actively participating in the democratic process and contributing to the nation’s development.

Government Response

The government praised the initiative, emphasizing the importance of youth involvement in nation-building. They promised to continue supporting similar initiatives aimed at promoting civic engagement and democratic values among young Indians. This shows a recognition of the role of youth in shaping the future of the nation.

Future Outlook

The ‘Run for Viksit Bharat’ serves as a stepping stone towards fostering a culture of civic responsibility and political awareness among the youth of India. As these initiatives gain momentum, they have the potential to bring about positive change and strengthen the democratic fabric of the nation.



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