Hansraj College PTM Notice Sparks Controversy

A note from Hansraj College, part of Delhi University, has made many people confused. It’s dated May 3, and it’s asking students with low attendance to bring their parents to school to meet their teachers. This strange request of Hansraj College PTM has made students wonder if they’re back in school again.

Students React

Anuj Rana, a second-year student studying BA (Prog) at Hansraj, is one of those students. He and his friends got the note because they have low attendance. But Anuj’s parents live far away in Dehradun, so they can’t come to Delhi for the meeting. Anuj also doesn’t have any family nearby. He says he’s not attending classes much because he works as a freelance model and designer to support himself in the city.

Big Problems

The note has caused a lot of problems for students, especially those like Anuj who come from far away. Finding someone nearby to act as a guardian is hard for them. Plus, students who work part-time or freelance jobs feel it’s unfair to be punished for trying to earn money. The college doesn’t give clear rules about what reasons are okay for missing class.

Social Media Talk

Lots of people are talking about the note on social media. Students, old students, and others are sharing their thoughts online. Many are surprised by the school’s decision, saying it feels like going back to school again. Funny pictures and jokes are being shared too, showing how silly the situation is.

Talk Together

In all the fuss, it’s important for students and the school to talk and listen to each other. The school might think involving parents will solve attendance problems, but students want more understanding. Not all situations are the same, and one rule might not work for everyone. It’s better to work together to find a solution.

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Finding Solutions

Some students suggest alternatives to the Hansraj College PTM notice, like online meetings or written explanations for low attendance. They believe these options would be more practical for everyone, especially those facing difficulties with guardians. Open communication and flexibility could help resolve the issue without causing further stress for students.

Understanding Perspectives

It’s essential for both students and the college to understand each other’s perspectives. While the college may see involving parents as a way to ensure students’ well-being and academic progress, students have valid concerns about practicality and fairness. By empathizing with each other’s challenges, they can work towards a solution that benefits everyone.

Seeking Clarity

Many students feel confused about the college’s attendance policies and expectations. They hope for clearer guidelines and more transparent communication from the authorities. Clarity on what constitutes acceptable reasons for missing classes would alleviate uncertainty and help students make informed decisions about their attendance.

Supporting Students

In the midst of discussions and debates, it’s crucial for the college to prioritize student support and well-being. Rather than imposing strict measures, they should consider offering additional support services and resources to help students manage their responsibilities effectively. This approach fosters a supportive environment where students feel valued and empowered to succeed.

Moving Forward

As discussions continue, both students and the college must remain open-minded and willing to explore alternative solutions. By collaborating and brainstorming together, they can find creative ways to address attendance concerns while respecting students’ individual circumstances and needs. With patience and cooperation, they can navigate this challenge and create a positive learning environment for all.



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