DU Students Can Now Retake Exams Missed During COVID-19

DU exams retaken covid

The university has arranged for DU students who missed exams during COVID-19 to retake them. It was reported that numerous students were unable to undertake exams amidst the COVID pandemic at Delhi University. Continuous efforts were made to provide special opportunities for these students. Once again, students are being presented with an opportunity. Those who faced challenges in completing their degree during the 2022–23 session are now being afforded extra chances.

DU Students to Retake Exams Missed During COVID-19

Students who were unable to participate in exams during the COVID period at Delhi University will receive another opportunity. Previously, the university had extended a similar chance to students in the 2020–21 session. Now it’s the turn of students from the 2022–23 session to avail themselves of this opportunity.

Overview of Degree Completion at Delhi University 

At Delhi University, students are granted a maximum of six years to fulfil their degree requirements. Within this timeframe, they have the opportunity to clear any missed papers and successfully obtain their degree. Numerous students faced exam disruptions during the COVID pandemic. This prompted the university to consistently provide special opportunities to accommodate them.

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Decision by DU Executive Council

Once more, students are being provided with an opportunity. Those who have reached the end of their allotted time to finish their degree during the 2022–23 session will be granted further chances. The decision on this matter will be concluded during the DU Executive Council meeting. It is set to be scheduled for March 8th.

Strategy Outlined by Examination Department

OSD Professor Ajay Kumar Arora from Delhi University’s Examination Department outlined a strategy designed by the department. It includes offering unique opportunities to students with their future prospects in mind. Additionally, he mentioned that students who have maximised their opportunities but encountered difficulties with one particular paper will receive an additional 10 marks. This adjustment is expected to facilitate the completion of degrees for a significant number of students.

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Initiatives during Delhi University’s Centenary

Professor Arora highlighted that on the occasion of Delhi University’s centenary, students were provided with a unique chance. However, despite this initiative, numerous students still faced delays in the release of their papers. Consequently, they will now receive extra marks ranging from one to ten. This is aimed at facilitating the completion of their degrees. Such students are plentiful in number.



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