Yogesh Singh Viksit Bharat
Yogesh Singh

In a recently circulated video, Delhi University Vice Chancellor Professor Yogesh Singh is seen sharing his thoughts on Viksit Bharat.

Professor Yogesh Singh talks about Viksit Bharat

Professor Yogesh Singh views Viksit Bharat as an important national goal. He believes that educational institutions like Delhi University can contribute to its achievement. In his circulated video, he has expressed his support for the Viksit Bharat.

Previously, he has also showcased his support for the Viksit Bharat 2047 campaign. His ideology aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for India’s development by 2047. He believes that universities like DU have a role to play in achieving this goal.

Viral Video Sparking Discussions on Viksit Bharat

In a recent viral video, Professor Singh has sparked discussions on the concept of Viksit Bharat. Singh, a prominent academic figure, highlighted India’s economic journey. He stated that it took the nation 60 years to achieve a $1 trillion economic milestone. However, he emphasized the remarkable shift in perspective. He highlighted Uttar Pradesh government’s ambitious declaration. The UP government aims to contribute significantly to India’s economic growth.

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The UP government was once perceived as an underdeveloped state. It has set its sights on elevating India’s economy to the $1 trillion mark. A recent announcement from the UP government, as seen in newspapers, shows that they’re serious about boosting the economy for the country’s benefit. This bold statement highlights the country’s commitment to national progress.

Notable Achievement of India

Professor Shiv Prakash highlighted a significant achievement in India’s corporate world. He mentioned the International Monetary Fund’s recent declaration. It said that the TATA group’s market valuation exceeds the total budget of Pakistan. This comparison shows the changing economic landscape of India. It highlights the growing strength of its big corporations.

Analogy between Flying on an Airplane and Journey towards Viksit Bharat

Professor Yogesh Singh, also drew an interesting analogy. It was between flying on an airplane and the journey towards a Viksit Bharat. He likened passengers’ trust in pilots to the public’s trust in India’s leaders to navigate the country towards progress.

Singh highlighted how, when seated in an airplane, passengers trust the pilots to fly and land the plane safely. Even during turbulence, they might feel anxious for a while but are at ease soon after. Similarly, he urged people to trust in the leaders guiding India’s development journey. He assured us that they are well-trained, experienced, and capable of steering the nation towards a brighter future.


Singh, drew attention to the changing image of India. He emphasized that just as passengers trust their pilots, citizens should have faith in the leadership’s vision and abilities to safely navigate the country towards the destination of Viksit Bharat.

With this analogy, Professor Yogesh Singh instills confidence in the public. He encourages them to remain optimistic and supportive of India’s journey towards progress and development.



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