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Many applicants reported universities missing from the CUET UG 2024 application process. Famous universities like the University of Delhi were also missing from the list. The NTA has been called upon to tackle concerns regarding the application process. It has also asked for clear explanations regarding the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC).

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Concerns Over Missing Universities in CUET UG 2024 Application Process

The National Testing Agency (NTA) initiated the application process for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) 2024 on February 27. It caused candidates to raise concerns. The deadline for the process was set for March 26. Many applicants encountered issues while selecting universities for CUET undergraduate (UG) exams. They found numerous reputed institutions, including Delhi University, absent from the list.

Issues with Application Process

The candidates applying for NTA CUET UG are mandated to provide personal and educational information. It is followed by selecting the universities where they intend to apply. It is to be done through the Common University Entrance Test. However, upon inspecting the drop-down menu on the official website, several universities were conspicuously missing. Frustrated students resorted to social media platforms. They posted, tagging NTA, to express their grievances.


Student’s Response

One tweet conveyed, “NTA_Exams, cuet ug 2024. Many central universities, including DU, are absent from your drop-down list.”

Another student requested, “Sir, please improve the NTA CUET UG urgently. Many universities and their programs are not accessible.”

Furthermore, a CUET UG aspirant also shared a screenshot. He posted, “Sir, I am unable to locate colleges like Delhi University and others. Kindly assist.”

Concerns Regarding Application Form Clarity

The candidates have raised concerns not only about the incomplete list of colleges and universities. They have also voiced their opposition to the lack of clarity in the application form. Allegedly, there is a column which candidates are unfamiliar with. It is the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC). Parents have pointed out that, while students may be familiar with the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR). However, no guidelines regarding ABC have been provided. Additionally, the identification details section lacks a drop-down option. This makes it impossible for students to select their identification number.

Allegations of Unfair Late Submission Fees at DU

Importance of Missing Institutions like Delhi University

The notable absence of esteemed institutions such as Delhi University from the CUET UG 2024 form raises significant concerns. This is particularly true considering DU’s status as one of the most sought-after universities in the country. The university’s website states that all candidates aspiring for enrollment in UG courses for the academic year 2024–25 must complete registration for CUET UG 2024.



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